A receptionist manning the phone and fumbling over an appointment book is quickly becoming a sight of the past. Mobile booking software for salons is now a must-have, and one of the best ways to keep your salon bustling with happy guests. When you make the switch to mobile, you’ll enjoy the benefits of touchless check-in, automated confirmations, and so much more. Here are some of the key features to look for as you begin browsing mobile salon booking software.

1. Made for mobile, first

We’re all attached to our screens these days, but more often than not, it’s the small one in our hands. When a mobile experience is simply retrofitted from the desktop browser website, it doesn’t have the same responsiveness. Pages don’t load quickly and they aren’t user-friendly. No matter how big our iPhone or Android screens get, they’re still small in comparison to a desktop.

Mobile booking software for salons must follow a mobile-first format.

Less is more when it comes to our handheld screens. A mobile booking experience that is concise, clear, and easy to navigate should be prioritized. With the Pocket Salon app for example, guests can peruse appointments, products, and more with no frustrations. Designed with mobile users in mind, the Pocket Salon app delivers an elevated experience anywhere, anytime.

2. Touchless technology

The best mobile booking software for salons provides touchless salon management beyond booking. Whether your guests are making appointments on your mobile app, sending a text to your stylists in an automated messaging system, or buying products on their phone, every step is touchless and free from the front desk.

Providing this truly touchless experience from appointment setting to product purchases is possible. Solutions like SalonBiz offer guests and your staff the ability to handle every salon interaction completely touch-free. Between the SalonBiz stylist app and PocketSalon, you can provide an end-to-end touchless experience from appointment setting, inventory management, product purchases, and more. All from a mobile tablet or smartphone. 

3. Automated reminders and confirmations

With automated appointment confirmation messages and email reminders, no-shows become a thing of the past. When you use intuitive mobile booking software for salons, your guests receive several reminders leading up to their appointment. Considering that 75% of millennials avoid phone calls, automating these tasks via text is worth it.

With SalonBiz, automation around the mobile booking experience is taken one step further. Not only can guests receive automatic confirmations via text and email, but they can edit their booking as they need easily. When a reschedule is needed, guests can send simple text or make their change requests in the PocketSalon app. SalonBiz will then update your internal calendar and make their appointment available to someone else. Saving your front desk team even more time trying to fill the book. 


4. A seamless and connected experience 

The best salon management software tools free you from juggling multiple systems and disconnected apps to manage your business. A completely connected and irresistibly integrated system that allows you to see and do it all from one place is game changing.  

For example, all of your appointments appear instantly on your SalonBiz book–no matter if the appointment was made by a phone call to your receptionist, a last-minute appointment made on your website, or a rebooking your stylist scheduled while the guest was still in the chair. In turn, automatic updating to your book reduces communication errors, keeps all of your data up to date, and frees up your staff from trying to reconcile or update multiple systems. 

With SalonBiz, our suite of cloud-based salon management tools provide a seamless experience with at-a-glance visibility into your operations. Your online salon management experience is fully integrated with our Stylist app and PocketSalon app. With all points of technology talking to one another, there’s never a blind spot.

5. Integrated payment tools

A truly interconnected experience shouldn’t stop at mobile appointment scheduling. Offering guests the option to book their appointments, select products, and pay for them all on their phone offers convenience. Providing multiple payment types for guests to use elevates the checkout experience even more so.

Whether guests want to pay with a credit card, digital wallet, or gift card, using a mobile booking solution with integrated payments can make it happen. With a connected system, you’ll also be able to track payments made from traditional options, like cash and check. 

SalonBiz offers comprehensive payments that are powered by PaySimple. Mobile, in-person, and website payments are managed by one tool so you can reduce costs for multiple systems. With our all-in-one payment solution, you can also set up secure card-on-file options for guests and reduce no shows with pre-paid appointment deposits. 

Find it all with SalonBiz

Your guests will love all of the ways you’re improving their experience with mobile booking software for salons. 

Inspire connection, creativity, and opportunity with SalonBiz’s salon software options. When you’re ready to make the transition, we can help you grow with:

  • A fast and convenient way for guests to book appointments in their preferred way–on your site, through an app, or via text message 
  • Integrated payments across mobile, in-person, and website purchases 
  • A seamless, elevated, and touchless experience from the time of their appointment to check-out and rebookings 
  • Phone or Apple watch notifications for stylists when a guest arrives for their appointment
  • Convenient ways for guests to purchase and pay for products right from their phones, so you can sell more
  • The ability to save guest service notes and product preferences for future visits within the Stylist App

Let’s chat about all SalonBiz has to offer. Drop us a note to schedule a demo of our unique salon software solution.