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How To Use SalonBiz Gift Cards: From Setup To Sales

Selling online salon gift cards is one of the best ways to earn passive income and ensure a steady stream of new and repeat guests alike. At SalonBiz, we’ve studied the patterns of our salon customers’ sales, and most online gift cards are purchased between 11 am. and 4 p.m.—right when your team is at its busiest with services! 

SalonBiz is a salon management software that makes it easy to sell hair salon gift cards online. Here’s how. 

Why You’ll Love SalonBiz Gift Cards 

When your guests are looking for gifting ideas online, gift cards are there and ready. We’ve talked about some ways to create salon gift card promotions that work, but this is why the SalonBiz gift card experience truly shines for you, your team, and your guests. 

1. They’re free and easy to set up

Setting up SalonBiz gift card widget on your website is incredibly easy, and it’s included with your SalonBiz salon management software.

To enable gift cards, it’s just a click in SalonBiz Central. Your gift cards are easily customizable, and fully integrated into your salon software. 

You also have your choice of allowing any denomination or choosing dollar increments. And, set up almost any type of gift card promotion you want (keep reading for some examples. Basically, if you can dream it up, you can try it out with SalonBiz! 

2. You have options 

Your online gift card sales don’t have to be strictly electronic: choose to send gift cards by email to customers, print and ship, or both!

If you send out physical gift cards, there are two ways to handle that. If you sell them infrequently, you can set it up so that you get an email any time you sell one and need to send out a physical gift card. 

If it’s more frequent, you can have your front desk run a daily report in SalonBiz to get a list of all gift cards that need to be physically mailed. 

3. You can make them beautiful 

When you set up your gift cards, you can customize it to match the gorgeous style of your salon. First, choose colors that coordinate with your website, so the widget itself blends in with your overall aesthetic.

Then, you can customize the look of your actual online gift cards. SalonBiz offers a set of pre-made designs for occasions like birthdays, weddings, and holidays. You can also upload a set of custom-branded gift cards with your logo or chosen designs.

Have fancy physical gift cards in your salon, and want the online ones to match? Upload your design and it will be one of the options guests can choose upon checkout.

Where To Sell SalonBiz Gift Cards 

It’s safe to say that if you’re a business and you’re not selling gift cards online, you’re missing out on easy sales. At SalonBiz, we’re committed to helping salon owners maximize their revenue across the salon. These are just a few of the places you can sell gift cards!

At your salon 

We know… it seems obvious, but make sure your guests know that you offer gift cards online and in your salon! If they are coming into your location, chances are they know someone who should also come to see you. 

Gift cards are great for family and friends who already have everything. They’re easy to wrap and have on hand for emergency hostess gifts, too! We’re pretty sure everyone should have one or two on stand-by during holiday seasons.

Sell gift cards on demand whenever, wherever with SalonBiz—at the chair, in the retail area, or beyond. We even have customers that create a special gift card kiosk away from the front desk (think a cute gift card bar).


You’ve done all this work setting up your online gift cards, now it’s time to make sure they’re available and easy for your guests to find! Place a quick link to purchase in your email signature and reminder emails. 

Then, make sure to sell salon gift cards prominently on your website, with banners for special promotion periods. In addition to your website, sell gift cards on your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media accounts. 

Outside your four walls 

With SalonBiz’s mobile apps, you’re not limited to the salon or website. Take your sales outside! 

You can easily sell gift cards at off-site events like holiday bazaars and local markets. We’ve even seen gift card drive-thrus be hugely successful for some salons — guests just pull through and pick up their gift cards. This works great for retail too during the busy holiday season! 

Want even more ideas? Watch our webinar with Imaginal Marketing for tips on how to sell more gift cards!

Types Of SalonBiz Gift Cards 

Now that you’ve set up gift cards for your salon and figured out the best places to sell them, these are the types of gift cards you can offer with SalonBiz salon management software. 

Gift cards with promotions 

If you plan on offering any promotions or incentives for your online sales, you’ve got options! For example, you can do special promotions for holidays so anyone who purchases a gift card gets a $100 card for $80. 

Gift card packages

Gift packages are great for day spas or salons that also sell spa services. If you offer special service packages or multi-service bundles, you can create custom gift card links for each of those on your website with SalonBiz. Quick and easy, perfect for those looking for a day of pampering!

It’s also simple to set up a package that’s discounted a little bit to incentivize the buyer. Although you’re slightly discounting the service, you’re upping the ticket total. You’ll have a higher dollar purchase with similar actual value to the salon, but increased perceived value to the customer. Everyone comes out winning!

Bonus gift cards 

Bonus gift cards with SalonBiz allow you to offer a little something extra for each purchase. For example, when a customer buys a $100 card, they would also receive a $15 card for free. 

With SalonBiz, bonus gift cards are emailed to the purchaser on the day of purchase, and you can customize them with an image of their choice, message, and gift card type for tracking.

If you want to offer bonus gift cards on SalonBiz, you’ll set the gift card bonuses for a specified time frame. Bonus gift cards are calculated on the original price of gift cards purchased, before any discounts or promotions are applied. Our bonus gift card levels are also cumulative per order. 

This means that your customers will receive ALL eligible bonus gift cards for each level their purchase meets. That is, if the lowest level requires a $20 purchase to get $5, and the highest level requires a $100 purchase to get $20, a customer purchasing $120 will receive $25 in bonus gift cards.

Sales Made Simple With SalonBiz

If you need more help setting up your SalonBiz gift cards, we’re always here to help! Contact our team with questions or schedule a demo to see how our salon gift cards work. 


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