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How to Set Up Recurring Payments at Your Salon 

Picture this—your salon offers a fantastic service that is well-loved by your clients. They come in every month or so, requesting the same treatment, and—you guessed it—paying for it at the cash register like clockwork. They even use the same card. 

Wouldn’t it be easier if you had an automated payment system that took care of all that for you? That’s where recurring payments and subscription services come in.  

In this blog, we’ll discuss how recurring payment options work and how salons can use them to reduce headaches and make running your beauty business a little easier.  

SalonBiz | Recurring Payments

How Do Recurring Payments Work 

Recurring payments are payments that come in at set intervals (usually monthly or yearly). Many salon management software platforms have payment integrations available that come with tools for setting up automated recurring payments.  

Even though guests may not “subscribe” to your salon like they would, say, a streaming service, recurring billing and recurring payments can still come in handy.  

When clients come in for the same services on a regular basis, such as for a root touch-up or brow waxing, being able to automatically collect their payment makes the guest experience much quicker and more convenient. They don’t have to waste time checking out or managing different payment methods every visit—and neither does your staff. 

You could even use recurring payments to set up a salon membership program

Recurring payments are a simple and hassle-free payment option that saves you time (and paper!) by eliminating the need to issue manual invoices. Simply set up the payment service to request payment on a certain day, and your client’s credit card is charged automatically.  

From then on out, your clients will be on a continuous recurring payment schedule, giving you reliable cash flow and freeing up time you can otherwise devote to running and growing your salon business. 

SalonBiz | Client Payments

How To Accept Recurring Payments 

The process of accepting recurring payments at your salon is pretty straightforward. 

Your salon guest signs up for your membership program with their credit card or bank account. As part of this process, they give you permission to store this financial information and charge them monthly for their salon membership subscription. 

Then you can sit back and relax! With your clients’ payment data stored, their monthly membership payments are automatically processed.  

And you can focus on what matters most—growing your business! 

Who Should Use Recurring Payments? 

Who should use recurring payments? Salon owners and managers, of course!  

If you have clients that regularly book the same service, then automating subscription billing and payments is an excellent way to simplify your operations. 

It saves you time, money, and manpower. And it provides a better experience for your clients since they won’t have to bring cash or cards and worry about the safety of personal information.  

You can even incentivize recurring payments with a loyalty program or small discounts. This encourages them to make digital payments too, which is easier and more secure for both you and them. 

Benefits of Automated Salon Subscription Payment Services 

Automated subscription payment services provide extra protection for your salon by automating and streamlining the process of collecting client payments. Not only can this save you time and energy, but it can also help increase cash flow.  

Let’s dive a little deeper into the benefits of recurring payments for salons. 

Reliable Cash Flow 

One of the biggest benefits of automated subscription payment services is that they provide a predictable and reliable cash flow for your salon. Instead of waiting for clients to remember when it’s time for their next appointment, automated payments ensure that your clients are billed on a regular schedule.  

This gives you greater financial stability and makes it easier to plan for the future of your business. You’ll know exactly how much recurring revenue you’re bringing in each month, making it easier to manage your budget. 


Automated subscription payment services are convenient for both you and your clients. And making your clients’ lives easier is a great way to keep them coming back.  

Your clients can set up automatic payments from their credit or debit card or automatic online payments, meaning they don’t have to worry about bringing cash or a check to their appointments.  

And for you, there’s no need to track down clients for payment. Their payments will simply be automatically processed on the scheduled payment date.  

SalonBiz | Convenient Recurring Client Payments


Keeping your clients’ financial information secure is of utmost importance. Automated subscription payment solutions protect your clients’ financial information by using secure payment gateways and encryption protocols.  

This gives you and your clients peace of mind knowing that their information is safe. 


Going digital with your payment processes translates to reduced paper waste and environmental preservation. Manual payment processing often involves using paper receipts and records, which ultimately results in more trash in landfills.  

Automatic payments eliminate the need for paper receipts, invoices, and other related physical documentation. This switch to environmentally-friendly alternatives builds goodwill from clients and positions your salon as socially responsible. 

Save Time and Money 

As a salon owner, you’re constantly seeking ways to cut back on costs and save time. With automated recurring payments, you can do both.  

Subscriptions ensure you retain clients, reduce payment-related issues, and stay organized, all at once. Being able to accept payments and store payment records electronically reduces the paperwork and clutter usually associated with traditional payment processes.  

By saving time during the payment processes, your staff can concentrate on other essential activities that enhance the guest experience. 

Plus, recurring payments can save you money in paper waste. The average business spends about $8,000 on paper and $8,500 on filing and storing that paper.  

Think about what you could do with those savings if your salon was able to rely more on digital payments. 

Get Started Accepting Recurring Payments  

Who doesn’t like saving time, money, and energy? Automating your systems can help your salon run better and grow faster. Plus, the sooner you jump on the automation train, the smoother the ride.  

SalonBiz Payments not only streamlines your payment process with recurring payments, but your beloved clients can subscribe to monthly haircuts, blowouts, and touch-ups! They’ll love the convenience of automatic payment processing, and you’ll love the steady stream of income it provides. 

So go ahead and treat yourself to the VIP salon experience you know you all deserve with the convenience of SalonBiz Payments.  

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