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Create a Safe Contactless Salon Experience

There are many choices when it comes to selecting the right salon management software to run your business and improve the salon experience. Before you decide, you need to weigh countless considerations that are unique to your business. In addition, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way salons will operate from now on. Here are four important things you need to consider before you make your choice.

Contactless Payment Technology

As our industry continues to open, it’s important to overcome obstacles and reinvent processes to comply with safety procedures. SalonBiz offers versatile payment options to make sure you, your staff, and your clients feel good and stay safe.

Our salon Point-of-Sale solutions are NFC/contactless-enabled and accept all payment options including swipe, chip, ApplePay, and GooglePay. Furthermore, our POS solutions can be used in tandem with iPad and desktop checkout to create a secure, smart, and streamlined experience.

For salons that rely heavily on mobile checkout, the SalonBiz iPad App provides additional contactless service. Experience the convenience of being able to take your tickets anywhere throughout the saloneven outside the salon! From curbside to chair-side, the iPad app lets your team meet clients where they are and complete transactions. Just swipe and go.

For your clients, we offer the Pocket Salon App on both Apple and Andriod. Pocket Salon lets your clients check-in and checkout without touching anything but their own smartphone.

SalonBiz fully-integrated payments solution includes card-on-file. With SalonBiz you can safely and securely store your client’s payment preferences and credentials in their account record. This is the ideal solution as no one has to touch a credit card in your salon ever again!

Between our Point-of-Sale solutions and mobile applications, your salon can deliver exceptional service while meeting the safety and service expectations guests have today.

Staff and Stylists Can Manage Salon Experience on Mobile

We know the front desk is the epicenter of most salons, but mobile technology promises greater efficiency. For example, the SalonBiz Stylist App is used by over 50,000 stylists and it’s so powerful, the entire day can be managed on a smartphone, eliminating the need for anyone to share a device or stop by the front desk. The Stylist App lets stylists book appointments, check-in customers, and receive check-in notifications.

During the appointment, stylists can access the client’s purchase history and visit notes for effective consultations, take before and after photos and share on social media such as Instagram to build their online portfolio.

At checkout, the Stylist App can add up sold services to the ticket (so what happens at the chair gets put on this ticket), rebook customers’ next appointment, view and add product recommendations and allow self-checkout through Pocket Salon app. And after the appointment, the Stylist App keeps on working by providing the stylist access to real-time performance metrics.

New this year, SalonBiz announced its latest technology innovation, Stylist App Mobile Inventory. Now inventory doesn’t have to be an event. With Mobile Inventory your staff can quickly and accurately update inventory anytime, increasing productivity, and cutting the time spent counting inventory by up to 50%.

Mobile Solutions for Customer’s Salon Experience

The Pocket Salon App is the perfect option for clients who want to manage their visit from start to finish from their own smartphone. They are able to make appointments, check-in, add products, tip, and check out all without touching another device. With Pocket Salon you keep them safe, too. They don’t need to wait in lines, interact with front-desk staff, or touch POS equipment. They can even access their product recommendations and previous purchases anytime.

Powerful, Fully-Integrated, Cloud-Based Technology

All SalonBiz technology is fully-integrated to streamline salon management and deliver a seamless, VIP experience for your clients. SalonBiz is a cloud-based solution to manage both the front desk and back-office operations. It is cost-efficient, easy to implement, and offers a seamless, VIP experience for your guests throughout the entire customer lifecyclefrom promotions to booking to checkout. Schedule your demo today.

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