The SalonBiz Stylist App is the must-have tool to empower staff. We know your team loves to use the App to fill their book and monitor performance with real-time stats — and we’ve added even more great features for you to utilize!

New Features

  • Same-day Notifications
  • Mobile Inventory Counts
  • Product Recommendations
  • Customized date range for Stats & Goals
  • Access ALL product and service history
  • New “Today” button for faster navigation
  • Visit Notes for any note needing a date stamp
  • Full page view for client file


Our Favorite Updates

Same-day Notifications

When you use our latest version of SalonBiz, you’ll get the full benefit of same-day notifications on your Stylist App! You’ll be immediately notified when an appointment is made, moved or canceled.

Same-day notifications are similar to check-in notifications and work in tandem with Central Desk, iPad App, Online Booking and the Pocket Salon App.


Note: Appointments edited in the Enterprise version will not send a notification. Click here to learn more about Central Desk


Mobile Inventory Features

Now inventory doesn’t have to be an event. With the Stylist App Mobile Inventory, your staff can quickly and accurately update inventory anytime, increasing productivity and cutting the time spent counting by up to 50%. Watch how

  • Efficient, accessible, easy inventory counts via smartphone
  • Product lookup lets staff search by product name to view on-hand quantities by location
  • Count on the fly using the Quick Count option (scan, count, enter, done.)
  • Secure inventory counts with user permissions (see Settings below)
  • Synchronized in real-time with SalonBiz



Mobile Inventory Access

All staff will have the ability to look up product info. Stylist App users with “Allow Mobile Inventory” checked in their Central employee file will have access to Create, View and Process Counts. You’ll find this in Central Admin – Employees.


Same-day Notifications

Go to the Central Admin menu and click Mobile Admin. From there, click on Settings. Click to edit your location settings by clicking the location name. Place a check in the box to “Send notifications when current day’s book changes?”