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5 Benefits of Bringing Contactless Payments to Your Salon 

Are you still swiping cards or handling cash at your salon’s front desk?  

If you are, with the rise in popularity of contactless payments, it’s time to update your payment process.  

Contactless payments have been available for decades. But it wasn’t until the Covid-19 pandemic that they surged in popularity as a way for people to maintain social distance and stay safe.  

And since then, contactless payments have only continued to grow in popularity. 

Not only are contactless payments convenient for customers, but they also offer countless benefits for your business. In this blog post, we’ll delve into what contactless payments are, how they work, and why they’re the perfect solution for salon owners. 

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What Are Contactless Payments? 

First things first, let’s discuss what contactless payments are.  

Also known as “tap-and-go payments,” contactless payments refer to transactions where the customer simply taps their card or mobile device on a reader to initiate the payment. Your salon POS system and payment software then process the payments. 

This means there’s no need for signatures or PINs, reducing the amount of time spent at the checkout. The simplicity and speed of contactless payments make them a convenient and attractive option for both salon businesses and their clients. 

How Do Contactless Payments Work? 

Most contactless payments use Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, which allows two devices to communicate with each other over short distances. NFC technology uses a circuit chip and antenna embedded in the consumer’s card or smart device to communicate with the payment terminal.  

To make a purchase, simply place your payment method near the terminal, and voila! A secure, one-time token validates the transaction, ensuring your safety. That token is unique and only valid for that one-time purchase. 

A customer must have a payment card or mobile wallet (e.g., Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, etc.) that’s enabled for contactless payments. The merchant (in this case, your salon business) also needs to have a payment terminal or mobile card reader that’s set up for contactless payments.  

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4 Benefits of Bringing Contactless Payments to Your Salon 

Looking for reasons to start accepting contactless payments? Here are the top ways they can benefit salon owners and their teams:  

  • Increased hygiene—Since there’s no physical exchange of cards or cash, contactless payments can reduce the spread of germs, making it a safer option. In fact, cleanliness and safety are the top reasons why consumers prefer contactless options to process payments, according to MasterCard’s 2020 study
  • Better security—Contactless payment technology provides greater security for you and your guests. A one-time encrypted token is used for each transaction, which means that confidential information such as names, card numbers, and security codes are secure, and not stored or processed by the system. So, your clients don’t have to worry about their data, and you don’t have to worry about securing it. 
  • Speed and convenience—You’ll be able to do more transactions in less time with contactless payments! Faster than traditional swipe and chip debit and credit card processing and cash payment, it just takes a quick hover of your guest’s card or device, and your salon POS software will do the rest. 
  • Elevates the client experience—Contactless payments make life easier for your clients since they won’t be bothered with paper receipts, PIN numbers, or counting out cash. Clients can even use their smartwatches or mobile devices to pay, eliminating the need for bulky wallets and making the process ultra-efficient. 
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Bring Contactless Payments to Your Salon with SalonBiz Payments 

Are you tired of fumbling with cash and cards at your salon? Then say hello to SalonBiz Payments

SalonBiz Payments not only allows you to accept contactless payments, but it also enables you to securely process debit and credit card transactions. Plus, you can save a card-on-file for your clients to securely make future payments hassle-free. And did we mention that it integrates seamlessly to work in tandem with your POS system? 

Want to learn more about how contactless payments can help elevate your salon business? Book a demo of SalonBiz today

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