PowerUp 2017

We’ve been hearing some things out there.

“Amazon is killing retail.”

“No one’s shopping at brick and mortar stores.”

“How am I supposed to sell retail like I used to when it feels like a struggle?”

Bob Phibbs

Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor

So we went to an expert to get some answers for you. Enter our Keynote Speaker for PowerUp 2018, Bob Phibbs, The Retail Doctor. Bob is recommending we change the way we look at this brick and mortar obstacle—and in his recent Facebook Live interview with Serious Business’ Carol Augusto, he already has many of you asking yourselves different questions:

Are you getting the feeling that some of your team members seem to forget it’s really their guests who generate their paychecks?

Still feeling like you have to “convince” a stylist to talk about products?

Do you have a deep, dark fear you’ve yet to say out loud—that maybe your team has forgotten what it feels like to be a customer?

The Doctor is Coming

If you’re nodding, holding your breath or some combination of the two, mark January 13 on your calendar right now. Bob will be speaking on these points and more as we kick off the Serious Business weekend in New Orleans. Remember, this event is FREE with your tickets to Serious Business, but it WILL sell out, so grab your tickets NOW.

“Right now, everybody thinks it’s somebody else’s fault they’re not doing better,” says Bob. “Maybe you think they’re all online, they’re all buying on Amazon, but in reality, all you can control are what’s happening within your 4 walls.”

He says people think the answer is that they have to cut their prices, but that’s not it. Instead, we need to up the guest experience.

How? In the salon and spa industry, he sees something we’ve got going for us that other retailers would kill for. Intimacy with our guests.

Bob will be challenging us to tap into that intimacy as a competitive advantage. “Someone is spending a half hour or more with you, and you’re putting your hands in their hair. How much more personal can it get? The #1 thing you have going for you is the physical body you have in a chair.”


Use Intimacy to Your Advantage

Bob is going to encourage us to look closely at our businesses. What do we need to change to make each guest’s experience amazing?

For example, he asks, “Do you know how it feels for the customer to have the stylists talking over them at the shampoo bowl?” There goes that intimacy advantage, down the drain.

In January, we won’t just be talking about news with our salon software. Bob will be challenging us with tips to take the guest experience norm from a “mediocre experience, a cut and paste and get the hell out of the door.” Yikes.

“By the way,” he tells us, “I am not here to be your best friend. I’m here to challenge you to do better.” (We’re pretty sure we’re going to hear that again in January).

We can take it. We’re ready, Bob!

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Can’t wait for more? Watch the whole Facebook Live video here:

Let's Talk Retail with Bob Phibbs and Carol Augusto

Posted by SERIOUS BUSINESS on Thursday, October 26, 2017

About Bob Phibbs 

Bob Phibbs CEO of The Retail Doctor, is an internationally recognized business strategist, customer service expert, sales coach, marketing mentor, retail author, and motivational business speaker.

In 1994, Bob started his own retail consulting company, The Retail Doctor. Since then, he has helped thousands of businesses in every major industry to strengthen their business structure, close more sales, and stay far ahead of their competition. With more than thirty years experience, beginning in the trenches of retail and extending to senior management positions, he has been a corporate officer, franchisor and entrepreneur.

The Retail Doctor has motivated audiences around the world including Bahrain, Brussels, Portugal, New Zealand and the UK with his message of hope and actionable tactics retailers can take to increase their sales. His website RetailDoc.com and blog were just named as #1 best on the planet from Feedspot.