Woman on cell phone leaving a customer review

There’s nothing more exciting than when a regular customer transforms into a “raving fan.” So how do they get there? With a little help from you and some Listen360 best practice tips.

With the SalonBiz Communications Suite, you already have the essential marketing tools to promote your salon using email marketing templates and images for newsletters, email templates and personalized messages. The feedback management platform in the SalonBiz Communications Suite is an additional feature that provides real time data to refine marketing efforts around a client’s personal experience.

For example, Communications Suite allows you to reach out directly to customers right after their visit to your salon or spa, and offer them a chance to provide feedback through a simple two question form sent by your salon. The questions can be customized by the business owner to gather very specific insight on services, staff, products and more.

At the end of each day or week, you have the opportunity to respond directly to feedback and build a stronger customer relationship. You can also create a targeted report that shows real time data to pinpoint trends, weak points, and areas where you can improve staff training or education.

5 Simple Ways to Make the Most of the Feedback and Reviews Feature

Here are some simple best practices you can use to set yourself up for success, and build a raving fan base, with the Feedback and Reviews feature:

  • Create a new feedback question for customers monthly or quarterly. It helps you receive valuable feedback about staff, insights about a new or specific service, or gather clear data about a problem area. A three-month range of data is a good amount of time to determine a trend that you can then find a way to leverage or fix.
  • Use data to pinpoint your happiest clients. Then go the extra mile and encourage them to share their review on Google or Facebook.
  • Create a few questions around staff performance and service. Use the feedback to offer solutions or provide extra guidance and coaching to help staff improve. The data collected also makes it easy to spot top performers and do something special to recognize their success. Staff is what keeps your business running, so honor their achievements and provide tools for self improvement as much as possible.
  • Leverage the dashboard in the Communications Suite to stay up to date on the latest customer feedback daily and get ahead of creating new business strategies. How many feedback forms are ignored? How many are being returned? Is there a trend you notice on certain days of the week or certain months of the year? It might be hard to face feedback when you aren’t sure you want to read it, but the more you see it as a marketing tool, the more effective you can be with building a better business.
  • If you happen to get less than awesome feedback, be sure to address it as soon as possible by asking, “What can we do to make it right?” It’s one of the most effective ways to build positive press and be seen as an honest, caring service provider.

Using these best practices regularly can help you improve key areas of business operations and build a reputation for always putting client service first. When combined, you are able to streamline how you connect with clients and build stronger relationships with every interaction.

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