How the Apps Work Together

The past few years, we’ve been creating lots of new products to ease your pain points and fill the gaps in your systems. This has brought about a number of exciting innovations, especially when it comes to the SalonBiz apps.

Yet for a busy salon owner, all of the different salon apps that we offer can seem like a whole bunch of moving parts, and we hear you that you just want your software to be simple and seamless. We get the question a lot, “Hold up—why are there so many, and why do I need them all?”

The good news is that each of our apps are designed as part of a cohesive system, to more easily manage your salon’s day-to-day, while maximizing efficiency and profitability.

How, you ask?

Let’s bring you through the guest service process using all the apps and you’ll see how it works.

“Hang on, I’m booking my hair appointment.”

SalonBiz Pocket App

We all know the guest experience starts before your client walks in the door. Now it starts when she gets inspired to get a new style or remembers her roots, and can open your Pocket Salon App on her phone.

Say she’s out with the girls and they get to talking about their hair. She remembers she needs to make an appointment, and goes to her Pocket Salon App, right then and there. She can see what services she’s had in the past and rebook with her previous stylist, or search for an available time & service provider that works with her schedule. When she books on the app, she gets a confirmation email and text, and her appointment information immediately updates in your SalonBiz core software.

Game Day: Apps FTW

It’s the day of her appointment. Her stylist is waking up, and being the high-performer that she is, the first thing she does is get on her SalonBiz Stylist App and check her daily schedule before she even gets out of bed.

SalonBiz Pocket App

Your salon manager is also up, making coffee and checking her Stylist App, and with her special permissions, she’s checking the weekly numbers and seeing how everyone’s doing. She sees that her top stylist has a busy day and sends her a “You got this!” through the app.

SalonBiz Pocket App

Your client is getting ready for her day as well. She got a notification reminder of her appointment, so it doesn’t slip her mind. She sends her stylist a note through the app with ideas for what she wants to do, and she even checks herself in for her appointment on Pocket Salon, which sends the guest arrival notification to her stylist’s Apple Watch App.

SalonBiz Pocket App

Her stylist, of course, has been preparing for the visit with the Stylist App, getting her guests ideas for what she wants and comparing them to notes in her customer profile about what she’s done in the past and what her go-to color formula is.

She can see favorite products that might be running low (a bonus for that RPCT) and have them ready and waiting.

SalonBiz Pocket App

Consultation: Digitized

Using the iPad App, the stylist brings her guest through a full consultation, using the forms customized for your salon that can even be emailed directly to your guest.

While her color is processing, your guest browses for products she needs on her Pocket Salon App, and discusses them with her stylist. The stylist uses the iPad App to provide product recommendations. She adds them to her file, and to her ticket so the front desk has them ready for her when she checks out.

The Portable Check Out

At this point, her stylist can rebook her for next time and check her out at the chair with the iPad App, OR…

SalonBiz Pocket App

…the guest can use the Pocket Salon App to check herself out. Product recommendations pop up when she enters the app automatically, so all she has to do is click on the product to add it to her cart for in-store pickup.

SalonBiz Pocket App

She can even tip on the Pocket Salon App, with suggested percentages already calculated, helping to avoid both the $2 tippers and that awkward tipping conversation.

Her info is saved for next time and everything is updated across all platforms, making the whole experience seamless, from start to finish.

SalonBiz Pocket App

When apps are built to work together, the end-result is a system that’s more convenient for your guest and easier for your stylists. As the salon owner/manager, you can rest assured that there are systems in place for your best practices. Consultation forms are at their fingertips, and retail is always part of the conversation. That’s the magic of our integrated apps.

For a play-by-play, check out the video below to see how the system in action, and to see how easy it will be to set this up for your salon, get in touch with our customer care team.

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