10 Tips to Help Your Salon Survive & Thrive This Holiday Season 

We all know that some industries are on a faster timeline than the rest of the world when it comes to the holidays. And the salon and beauty industry is one of them. 

Although you probably haven’t even had your first pumpkin spice latte of the season yet, it’s already time to start preparing your salon business for the holiday season. Every step you take now to get ready for the holiday rush will make your life that much easier when it hits. 

Thankfully, SalonBiz is here to help you survive this holiday season and all the ones after it. 

Here are 10 things you can do right now to set your salon up for success for the holidays! 

1. Stock Up on Salon Inventory 

Don’t get caught off guard by inadequate inventory for guests who want a new hair color for their holiday parties or holiday gifts that fly off the shelves. Now’s the time to evaluate your inventory and start stocking up on the products you need to complete services and popular retail items like shampoo, conditioner, hair masks, beauty products, and so on. 

Run a report for November and December of last year, then run one for the last six months. Adjust your ordering for the coming season to match last year’s holiday sales as well as currently trending products. 

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2. Set Up Easy Gift Card Options Now 

Gift cards are an easy (and popular) last-minute gift, perfect for both the giver and receiver. Not to mention, they’re a great way to secure future revenue for your salon and stylists after the busy season is over and recipients are ready to cash in. 

Start your salon holiday prep by making it easy for your guests to grab a stocking stuffer or luxurious total makeover from your salon. How? 

  • Make gift cards available online. 
  • Set up bonus gift card promotions to incentivize gift card purchases and gift your guests a little extra holiday cheer. 
  • Order gift cards early with seasonal graphics and festive packaging. 

3. Put Online Booking on Your Nice List 

It’s hard for guests to remember everything they need to take care of in the chaos of the holidays. If they suddenly remember they need a root touchup before Thanksgiving dinner, make it easy for them to schedule an appointment by setting up online booking on your website. 

The ease of online salon appointment booking extends to your stylists, too, helping them keep their chairs full through the end of the year. 

Pro Tip: With SalonBiz, you can integrate online booking right into your website, as well as the Pocket Salon app. Guests can book on their desktop or phone, and your books will be updated live across all platforms. Plus, send automatic appointment reminders so clients don’t forget! 

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4. Review Your Holiday Services 

Make sure each service you offer online has clear, concise, and guest-friendly descriptions. If you’re adding seasonal packages, like pre-party blowouts or pampering days, add these now as well.  

Keep in mind that potential clients who are holiday shopping might be more open to expanding their salon needs during the holiday season—which makes now the perfect time to update your services. 

5. Ring in the Retail 

The holidays are a great time to push salon retail sales with fun event lineups, special gift bundles, and marketing campaigns. Get your specials set up and your retail events planned and updated on your website now, so you can start promoting them to your guests ASAP. 

Pro Tip: Not sure where to start with holiday retail and gift packaging? Learn how to capitalize on the holiday season through salon retail with our handy guide, SalonBiz Holiday Gift Guide

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6. Get Ahead on Salon Holiday Marketing Ideas 

Guests begin to book holiday services in early November, so it’s never too early to begin thinking about salon holiday prep in terms of marketing. Plus, your holiday marketing efforts are a great chance to connect with guests during this hectic time of year. 

Marketing isn’t just fliers and emails, though. Here are a few fun salon holiday marketing ideas to consider: 

  • Schedule fundraisers and holiday drives. 
  • Develop gift card promotions. 
  • Add automated responses across all platforms. 
  • Activate (or enhance) a rewards program. 

Pro Tip: Looking for easy salon holiday promotion ideas? Online gift cards are a big seller for salons over the holidays. Spread the word about them with our holiday-themed online gift card promotional email scripts! All you have to do is copy and paste them into your email builder—and if you have SalonBiz, we even have a festive template for you to pop them into—and you’re ready to go. 

7. Make Sure Your Guest Experience is Dashing 

See what we did there? Dashing. As in spirited and fun and quick like Santa’s reindeer. Your guests will be stressing everywhere else during the holidays, so make sure your salon offers a relaxing reprieve. 

Make check-in quick and easy for clients with self-check-in options, such as an iPad check-in kiosk or an option on your salon app. Then, make checkout just as seamless with options for chairside checkout and for your staff to complete tickets and easily send them to the front desk through your salon management software. 

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8. Don’t Forget About Your Team of Elves 

When business is booming, take a few extra steps to make your salon a fun and exciting work environment and curb holiday exhaustion! Here are some ideas: 

  • Keep music fresh with satellite or streaming radio services (for variety and to avoid holiday music burnout). 
  • Host an after-hours party for putting up Christmas decorations and other fun holiday decor the week before Thanksgiving. 
  • Feed staff and guests all season long (snacks and beverages set a festive tone and keep things light). 
  • Help stylists stay fresh, relaxed, and ready to serve guests with cheer by keeping the salon adequately staffed. 

9. Give Your Welcome Messages a Merry Makeover 

Set a festive holiday tone for guests from the get-go with welcome messages that get them in the seasonal spirit. This can include messages like the welcome text that appears on your online booking page, your Facebook cover photo, as well as any other automatic greetings you send (on social media, by email, etc.) to guests. 

You should plan on doing this regularly, but if you haven’t in a while, the holiday season is the time to do it! Add holiday-specific greetings or links to holiday promotions. 

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10. Update Your Online Profiles 

When new clients or gift card recipients are planning their first visit to your salon, make sure they can find you and know when you’re open by getting your online profiles up to date! This includes your address, contact info, and special holiday hours.  

Do this on your website, social media, and Google Business Profile

Make the Most of The Holiday Season with Help from SalonBiz 

Don’t let the stress of the holidays turn you into a Grinch. With SalonBiz and some solid salon holiday prep, your holiday can be merry and bright! 

Psst…download our full salon holiday success kit to get set for the season! 

Download Your Salon Holiday Success Kit 

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