We’ve taken some of our most common questions around adding staff members, scheduling clients and managing customers and created visual demos for you to watch and learn from. We want your SalonBiz salon software to be easy to navigate and maintain, so why not put a camera at our developer’s desk and let them take you through the process.

Adding staff members

How-to add staff members.

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Schedule templates

Create schedules for your staff.

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Opening the day and shift will allow you to complete sales transactions.

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To complete your daily transactions you must close your shift(s) and your day.

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Bonus Online Gift Cards

Learn how setup your online bonus gift cards.

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Promo Sale

Learn how to use setup a promo sale and automatically add discounts to your tickets during a specified date range.

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Top Customer List

Watch how to run your top customers list.

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Consultation Forms

Learn how to set up customized consultation forms for iPad.

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