SalonBiz is having a glow up moment!

Our team has been tirelessly working on the newest version of SalonBiz and we are excited for you to makeover your favorite tech tool with us.


If you’re still using SalonBiz Enterprise, now is the time to upgrade to SalonBiz Central our new and improved modern (drag and drop) intuitive web-based interface. This version of SalonBiz has all the tools you’ve come to love with SalonBiz Enterprise plus new, exciting features that will streamline front desk operations and deliver a truly VIP experience for your guests. 


We want to empower you and your team with the latest technology to help you run your business more efficiently. Accessible from anywhere, SalonBiz Central delivers the best in salon management software. Our new platform will allow us to develop new tools and update you more frequently and with reliable uptime you can’t go wrong. 


We know learning something new is scary and changing habits is never easy. Our team members are here to help and remember how hard it was to ditch that paper book! Put your trust in technology and take it one step at a time and you’ll never look back.


Schedule your Central Upgrade Today

The SalonBiz Admin will drive the rollout plan. Take it one day at a time and a few small changes to your daily activity will lead to a big shift by the end of just two weeks.

Download the Rollout Plan

Print and post this plan to keep on track!

Download the Upgrade Checklist

Print this for each staff to explore and learn.

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