salon front desk staff looking at computer helping client

By Laurel Nelson, contributing writer with Salon Today

As a salon owner, there’s nothing more important than the quality of your “guest experience ” and the revenue you earn making people feeling beautiful and happy. The best way to manage it all and increase revenue? Use online salon software.


  • Simplifies payment options for clients
  • Makes payment management simpler for you and staff
  • Opens up creative marketing opportunities specific to the salon industry to improve the bottom line

Here’s how, and why, online salon software works.

You already have a cycle of new and returning customers that benefit from your services and specialties, which helps create a unique and memorable guest experience.

Online salon software is a powerful tool to help business owners consolidate all types of payments into one source, and safely deposit it into a single merchant account. This saves time, hassle, and makes it easy to turn cash, check, credit cards, gift cards, tips and other payment options into one batch deposit each day.

No more messing with multiple merchant accounts to make several batch transactions, and significantly reduce the amount of human error in the payment process. Online salon software like SalonBiz also has suite of apps allowing you to take payment from a swiper, ipad, salon ecommerce, or an app your guests can use to pay directly, including the tip.


Beyond simplifying every day business transactions, there’s an even bigger benefit. With a payment base that makes things easier for you and customers, you can also implement creative marketing opportunities. In a way, you can completely reimagine revenue growth throughout the guest cycle.

For example:

  • Customers who book a series of 3 pre-paid bookings get a 10% discount
  • Offer product flash sales for customers currently enrolled in a “member club” loyalty program
  • Create incentives to entice brides to book the bridal party early in wedding season to plan for staff scheduling and stay competitive

Using online salon software keeps you in touch with customers’ needs and buying habits, and gives you an opportunity to offer personalized incentives for repeat business, too.

Customers get excited to receive outreach about unique promotions and feel part of your curated beauty community. As a business owner, you have a direct hand in crafting specialized marketing to pad slower seasons or take advantage of busy seasonal traffic.

The best part? You track the financial success of your efforts and balance the books all in one place, while offering a variety of payment options and incentives to maximize revenue from the guest cycle for new and returning clients.

Are you currently looking for an online salon software solution? Connect with us and learn why SalonBiz is used by more Salon Today 200 salons than any other software.