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When was the last time you made an actual phone call? Probably more recently than a large number of your clients. That’s because according to at least one study, when it comes to millennials, they may constantly have one in hand, but phones aren’t being used to actually make phone calls.

While this may not be new information, it does mean salons need to adapt to the way they do business. When it comes to booking—texting and online are in and phone calls are on the way out. That’s why we’ve made it easier for your guests to book appointments and communicate—without talking.


We’ve partnered with Presence AI, (the AI stands for artificial intelligence) which allows guests to communicate directly with your business through conversational texting. The quickly popular app drives new bookings, boosts re-bookings, cuts calls and saves time. Translation: It provides a better, more convenient experience for your guests while increasing your bottom line.

How It Works:

By integrating Presence AI with SalonBiz salon software, every booking is handled seamlessly. Here’s what it does, automatically:

  • Enables texts to your salon’s landline: You don’t have to add unnecessary confusion by having a separate number for guests to text. It allows your salon’s landline to send and receive texts. After all, it’s the number guests already have stored in their phones and the one that pops up on Google.
  • Replies naturally by text: It decreases the voicemails and phone tag, and guests are more likely to reply because it’s convenient.
  • Makes the booking in real-time, integrated with your SalonBiz book, answering questions and gathering details easily.
  • Re-schedules appointments: A guest can’t make their appointment? No problem. Presence AI will prompt the guest to re-book and handle that conversation for you.
  • Adds to your website easily: Guests can message you from your website whether they’re on a desktop or mobile device. It’s quick and easy to install on almost all websites.

Works 24/7 so you don’t have to. When a request needs your approval, Presence AI reaches out to you. If this happens when you’re closed, the app lets customers know when you’ll be open and likely to reply.


We’ll say it again—if you don’t offer online booking, you’re missing out on guests and losing money because this is a feature clients have come to expect. Plus, why not make your life easier? Our salon software’s FREE online booking feature:

  • Reduces no-shows by requiring a pre-payment
  • Searches for appointments by time, location and stylist
  • Limits number of appointments displayed
  • Features and excludes color bookings
  • Offers lowest credit card rates in the industry—guaranteed
  • Is compatible with Google Analytics

We’ll help set it up—just fill out this form and we’ll be in touch.

Still afraid of online booking? Read this.


Speaking of how everything’s changing…remember how you used to check-in for flights at the airport? Here is the app changing it all for your guests…also free with your SalonBiz subscription.

 What’s in it for guests:

  • Self check-out that’s faster: With this app, guests can check themselves in and out in seconds (we all know those guests who are in a hurry).
  • Retail recommendations and replenishment anytime, anywhere: Personalized product recommendations are in the app, based on the guest’s past purchases. These recommendations are available each time the guest logs in.
  • Guests book the times they want, either from home or while they’re talking about their next visit with their stylist.

This app will actually increase retail sales.

Learn more about Pocket Salon.

Download the app and get the new guest experience.

Set-up the app for your salon, with this user guide.


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