Did you know 70% of mobile searches lead to action on websites within one hour! People are constantly seeking information, so it is vital that a site is optimized to be viewed on mobile devices. And this also suggests mobile searchers are more motivated than their desktop/laptop counterparts.

Last month Google changed its algorithm to reward mobile-friendly web pages. This update gives a rankings bump in Google’s mobile search results to those sites that are mobile-friendly. This is important because nearly 60% of searches happen on mobile devices!

Anytime you hear a statistic that’s “more than half’,” you want to pay attention! While this update won’t affect your desktop or tablet searchers or the rankings associated with those devices, it does greatly impact mobile search results. If your website doesn’t display properly on mobile devices, you might not show up in searches at all.

We are encouraging all of our customers to check out their web site and make sure that it is modernized, optimized and ready for all of the ways your guests use it. So check it out and run Google’s test first – you may be good to go and not need any adjustments at all!

Are you mobile ready? Click here to find out.

Using this tool will give you a quick assessment of whether your mobile rank will suffer or not. If your site is fully optimized for mobile, you’ll get a success message like ours.

One thing you won’t have to worry about on your website is your Online Booking! Online booking has always been optimized for mobile users. We want to make sure you are maximizing every opportunity to sell gift cards and fill your book, even while you sleep.

What makes online booking so awesome (other than the already mobile-ready aspect)? Let’s start with the biggie–it’s free (and who doesn’t love free?). It’s easy to get started, easy to maintain and especially easy for your clients. You can customize it to match your brand and your vibe and instantly add it to your website and Facebook page. You can also determine if you want to require a pre-payment for booking online or not and use it to sell gift cards. And it’s real-time, so once your client books an appointment online, it’s on your book without having to play phone or email tag to finalize reservations. When they book it, it’s done!

We hope you are already loving online booking and gift cards but if you haven’t added this benefit to your site yet, please let us know so we can help you get set up!


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