hand out with wallet showing credit cards

As a salon business owner, you want to make sure clients’ credit card information is safe when a transaction goes through a terminal or an app on a mobile device like a smartphone or iPad. And you want customers to know and feel secure about your payment process, too. It’s what builds trust in your business, creating security and peace of mind.

To choose the most secure online payment solution to effectively manage daily transactions securely, and provide peace of mind, get clear on what you need:

  • How is your salon’s client’s credit card information stored? On the device? Off-site at a different location?
  • How often are transaction information and payment detail backed up?
  • Is there a simple way to access backups? How?
  • Is there dedicated support to walk you through learning and using the online payment system?
  • Is transaction security similar for terminals and mobile devices?

The answers to these questions provide insight to help you choose a payment system that fits your specific security needs. It also offers additional security insights to share with customers who wish to keep a credit card on file. It makes repeat business like pre-payment for future bookings, products, or flash sales much easier for you and the client.

Next step? Introduce a few simple habits into your business workflow to ensure client credit card information is protected, while also increasing transaction volume.

  • Encourage clients to use the “credit” option when using a debit card – the credit card option offers better protections.
  • Create strong passwords for all user accounts, and encourage staff to do the same. Use a password manager like LastPass to hold all passwords and log-in details in one place.
  • Run batch transactions nightly to stay on top of strange occurrences, like charges for the exact same amount going through multiple times.
  • Make sure your payment gateway uses a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), an extra layer of protection that creates a secure connection between your business and the online connection used to send customer credit card information. This is important to customers who pay in-store or online.
  • Always complete security updates within the day you receive the notification to keep the payment network secure!

These simple steps assure clients that every aspect of interacting with your business is safe. Then, it’s easier to create programs that improve sign-up rates, build repeat business, and create special promotions that improve sales volume with ease.

Looking for a secure solution to provide your clients?