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A PowerUp Recap & Everything you need to know to be successful in the new year.

That’s a wrap… what a weekend! We’d like to thank all of our customers, partners, and all of those who joined us in New Orleans for one of our favorite weekends and another amazing year at PowerUp, our annual idea forum kicking off Serious Business weekend.

For those of you who missed it, or those who attended and just need a recap, here’s the full scoop on all things SalonBiz you might have missed in 2018, and of course all the awesome things to look forward to in 2019!



2018 was a great year! We put the guest in control of their experience and put more technology in the hands of the stylist, empowering the guest experience even further.


2018 was a year of exciting transformational changes happening both in the industry and at SalonBiz.  “In July 2018, we were ready to turn our sights to the future, to be a part of a something that would fuel SalonBiz’s innovation and growth. We had the opportunity to join one of the fastest growing technology platforms called EverCommerce. SalonBiz is still committed to the Neill Family of businesses and thank Edwin Neill and Debra Neill-Baker for keeping us in the family. We’re excited to continue the legacy of providing a complete management software for the top salons & spas.”– Louie Lago, SalonBiz President



2018 was a busy year and these features & updates aren’t to be missed!

POCKET SALON APP, now available for Android!

Let your clients be in control and never have them wait! Through the app, guests can create accounts, make their apt, message their stylist, check themselves in & out, rebook color apts, and even buy products for in-store pick up. Now available for Android! Learn More


Manage your salon & keep all of your business right at your fingertips. Thanks to some advancements this year, you can now receive push notifications, create blocks, create and view consultation forms, add services to tickets, and allow self check-out. Learn More


Conquer the mobile guest flow and save time & money with the iPad app. Access customer files, update client info directly from the consultation form, and see all services listed within the app. Learn More


Think of your best airport experience! Allow guests to skip the front desk and check themselves in. No line, no waiting, and when the client checks in, your staff receives a notification via the Stylist App. Learn More


aka the control center and brain for all things consumer facing and mobile in your salon. New to Central this year: Email templates & campaigns.


Give your guests access to your business 24/7 and increase profitability with online gift card promotions & bonus gift cards, and let’s not forget about filling your book while you sleep. If you’re not using it, learn why you should be:


Win big with these new features in the latest version of SalonBiz: more options for memberships, ability to customize service charges, visibility into which of SalonBiz’s tools processed tickets at a glance & which tools booked your appointments in the appointment log, and much, much more!



Awesome things are on their way this year, be in the know & on the lookout:

NEW BOOK – The New Central

Something awesome is coming! It’s simply the beginning of that sexy, browser based access you’ve been asking us for. With your New Book you’ll be able to: drag and drop appointments, quickly access service menus & descriptions, easily access notes, just click on the book anywhere to begin booking or blocking and much more – stay tuned for our next big release of 2019!


Easier batching, less human errors, more secure: We are excited about streamlining payments with our new partner PaySimple . 1 merchant ID will take care of all your payment needs: desktop, Mobile, and eCommerce. This means 1 batch for all transactions and it auto settles eliminating that extra step during closing. Learn More


Welcome to the future! Customers will be able to book appointments at your salon by having a conversation with a virtual personal assistant,…..Her name? Alexa.

Cut call volume by letting customers text to book, cancel, reschedule, and answer repetitive questions

It saves time for both the salon and the customer and Frees the front desk so they can focus on the guest and retail



This year’s all-women leadership panel on managing for the future and keynote speaker, Jentry Petzold sure did steal the show! Panel moderator Carrie Perkins, dug deep within panelists: Stefanie Palko, President/Owner, Copperfalls Spa, Kate Cottrill, Marketing Director & Manager, Ihloff Salon and Day Spa, and Denise Zeydel, General Manager/Co-owner, Z Salon & Spa to find out why it’s important to give a crap, get personal, and find what inspires you.



Meanwhile, Jentry shared and emphasized why failure is not an event, but a process and we must be able to embrace change, and always to continue to make room for the future. Stay tuned for the full list of takeaways from both sessions.

Ready to hit the ground running in 2019, but not sure where to start? Connect with us, and we’ll get you setup and ready to conquer your business goals this year.