We’ll Get Through This


Due to communities and salons emerging from the Stay-at-Home orders, we are experiencing an increase in call volume and longer than normal hold-times. In response, we compiled this new support resource to get you answers to your questions, faster. 

We’ll continue to build more materials in the coming days and weeks.


Do you have online workshops?

Yes! We conduct live sessions five days a week covering topics such as Pocket Salon setup, Central Admin setup, how to use your iPad App, making the most of the new Communications Suite and more. Register for your session.


How do I use Central Desk to manage my book?

Check out this video on booking efficiencies to make your life easier.


How can I use campaigns to re-engage with clients?


How do I set up Pocket Salon?


How do I add a sanitation fee to my client’s ticket?


How do I extend the hours of operation on my appointment book?

Go to your default settings in Staff & Book to make the adjustment. If you see odd overlapping blocks as a result of this, don’t worry! We can help you fix these, just shoot us an email with the details of what you changed.


How do I change my staff schedules?

* Keep in mind schedule templates do not override manual blocks on your book.


How do I update my IP Address?

Click here and complete the form with your information.


If you still need assistance, please contact our Support Team Monday – Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm CST or email us at [email protected] and include the following details; name of your business, details about your question, and best time and method to reach you.