The heart behind the software

Our clients are passionate about what they do, and their innovative ideas will always push our software forward.

Scott Buchanan

Scott J Salons, New York, NY

“After reviewing many of the softwares created for our industry, I’ve determined SalonBiz outclasses them all…

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Ihloff Salon and Day Spa, Tulsa, OK

My experience with SalonBiz has been excellent. We’ve had them for 20 years and through it all, SalonBiz has kept up with the times. The reporting …”

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Wade Zylstra

Lux Salon, Fullerton, CA

Not only is it a software, it’s part of my team’s lifestyle.

The stylist app is used 24/7 for us. Between the guest arrival notifications, the live-updated measurements…”

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Vivian Yeh

Josephine’s Salons and Spas, Houston, TX

For me relationship is everything.

My favorite part of SalonBiz is the relationship. I know who I’m talking to, and that if I say something they’ll work on it & follow… “

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Rory Tolunay

Vanity Salon, Houston, TX

SalonBiz is very straightforward and simple to use; everything makes sense. Anyone from our housekeeper to the owner can and does use it. The support…”

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Fiona Tolunay

Vanity Salon, Houston, TX

“I was going on vacation and a client texted me she had an emergency, that another hairdresser cancelled on her and can we help. I logged in on my phone and found her an appointment right there on the app, while waiting for my plane to board.”

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Ginger Boyle

Planet Salon, Los Angeles, CA

“The stylist app has empowered my stylists by putting them in touch with their numbers on a daily basis. I tell everyone—I’m extremely happy with SalonBiz.” 

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Marsha Power

Garbo, Austin, TX

“We did a lot of research and we couldn’t afford to not use SalonBiz. We’ve been open for 32 years and I don’t know how I could run my business without it…”

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Alan Conover

Hue Salon, Houston, TX

“As a business owner, the easy data that you can get, and the amount of important data SalonBiz generates for our business is great and very useful…”

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Pat Helmandollar

Savvy Salon and Day Spa, Corneilus, NC

“My business absolutely could not live with SalonBiz. They’ve been our partner for over 16 years and as SalonBiz has grown, so have we.”

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Rob Willis

Atelier Salons, San Jose, CA

“SalonBiz is excellent at providing service & support…”

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William McCauley

Casals Dé Spa, Youngstown, OH

“I always go with loyalty, and if someone treats you well, you go with them, and that’s why I recommend SalonBiz.

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Koki Wilson

Gervais Salon & Day Spa, Eugene, OR

SalonBiz speaks my language, especially with the reports. They make it easy to track the numbers that reflect behavior, which really helps with coaching.”

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Lindsey Friedel

John Robert’s Spas, Cleveland, OH

“The system itself is very user-friendly.

John Robert’s Spa has been a longtime user of SalonBiz. As a company with over 150 employees, 5 salon locations and a Reservation Center, it allows us to have full customization…”

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Karie Bennett

Atelier Salons, San Jose, CA

“SalonBiz understands what it’s like to own a salon. They know what I need because they need it too, and that makes a difference to me.”

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James Griffith

James Griffith Salons, Sarasota, FL

“The smartphone and Apple Watch apps are game-changers for my stylists.”

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Frank Gambuzza

President, Intercoiffure

“In today’s competitive climate, salon owners can’t do it alone; you need to be very choosy with your partners. We choose to partner with SalonBiz.”

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Belinda Gambuzza

Salon, Spa & Studio Visage, Knoxville, TN

“With SalonBiz, we know exactly where our business is, day to day, within minutes.”

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Kristy Weeks

Panache, An Aveda Store Salon & Spa, St. Augustine, FL

“I decided it would be best to get some feedback from my front desk team. Here are some features they really enjoy…therefore I do too!”

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Lauren Blake

Manager, Berenice’s Salon, Denver, CO

“I truly love SalonBiz. It makes everything so much easier. It’s super customizable and super easy to navigate, and the updates are awesome because the software is always evolving and improving.”

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Robert Barker

Toni & Guy Salons, Atlanta, GA

“I definitely give SalonBiz a 5-star rating – both as an IT company in general and as a Salon Software company specifically. I’d highly recommend it to any salon owner, new or existing.

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