Mobile updates through app shown on Iphone

The newest version of the SalonBiz Stylist App is available now in the App Store and Google Play! We want to make sure you are getting the most out of the mobile tools, so we’ve put together a quick run-down of the newest features.



Check in from your phone!

When you have “Edit” access (determined by your system administrator), you can check in appointments for the current day. Simply tap the appointment and Check In!



View a list of future appointments booked by tapping an appointment and then the Future Appointments button.






The Confirmation status of each appointment is displayed with the color-coded bar down the side of the appointment.

Your Admin access will override the setting for masking client phone numbers. Admins will always be able to see the full phone number, despite mask setting being enabled.



When adding new clients, the requirement to enter an email address is dependent upon the default setting in SalonBiz.







Your clients’ previous service is displayed under the Appointment Info by tapping the View Info button, if applicable. You’ll also be able to make sure they are on time for their next service listed if they have one booked.



Tap & Shop with one tap access from the main menu navigation you can visit the Hairbrained pro shop for the latest tools.





The SalonBiz App for iPad has also been updated! Be sure to visit the app store and update your app to the latest version!

When you have POS access in the app (mobile checkout) you can edit client information from a ticket. You’ll see a pencil icon next to clients’ name on the ticket (if Admin settings permit all users to edit client info). This is a great way to keep all of your client info current and makes it easy to keep it updated even when they don’t have an appointment.


Thanks for choosing SalonBiz! Let us know if you have any feedback in the comments below or shoot us an email [email protected]. Of course, if you are loving the app please leave us a review in the App Store or Google Play.