SalonBiz Update 3.12.20

Central Desk – Book

  • Booking a client from the wait list will automatically remove the client from the wait list.
  • Booking a client that is on the wait list for a service they are waiting for will give the user details about the wait list entry, and ask if they would like to remove the client from the wait list.
  • We have added the filters to the Wait List so that it can be filtered by Client, Staff, Service, or waiting Date Range. There is also a Times Available filter to only show clients that can be booked for what they’re waiting for.
  • Handy tooltips have been added to membership indicators (you’ll see this in the Check in/out screen too) and the client file to book a new appointment
  • We have made several improvements to the flow and focus fields throughout the book.

Central Desk – Tickets

  • Upcoming appointments can now be printed OR EMAILED (YAY!) to clients from the Upcoming Appointments box in a ticket. Coming soon to the client file.
  • Promotional Sales are here! If your location has promotional sales set up for products or services in SalonBiz, they will be added to the ticket.  Users will not be able to select discounts for items they are not supposed to be used on, and does not allow discounts to be applied to things they shouldn’t be.
  • The ticket will refresh after closing the client file that is accessed from the ticket. This is so that any change to the client’s name, phone number, email, or reward point balance can be reflected immediately.

Central Desk – Operations

  • You’ll see a new menu item under Operations called Tips allowing you to managing paying out tips to your staff.
  • The Open Shift’s cash count and View/Close Shift screen now have an “Open Cash Drawer” button if the user is on a workstation linked to a receipt printer/cash drawer.

SalonBiz Central

  • The security checkpoint which opens when accessing the time clock or any security checkpoint that the logged in user does not have access to pass through defaults to the PIN field for quick input, and the Enter key will submit the entry. We no longer autofill the username and password fields with any saved credentials from the browser.
  • Listen360  has been added to the Analytics page under My Tools. If your company has it enabled, you will see that it’s green (in use). If you have not signed up with Listen360, it will be red, and you can click to email us for info. Additionally, companies that have signed up for Listen360 will have a menu item under My Tools to bring them directly to the Listen360 login portal.
  • Several improvements to Time Clock reports including options for adding and editing time clock details and printed to pdf.
  • Custom subject lines are available to be added to templates created for reminders, confirmations and campaigns.



SalonBiz Update 2.19.20

Our team has been busy and we are excited for you to see what’s new in this latest release! Please be sure to clear your cache to ensure you are seeing all of the new stuff.

SalonBiz Central

  • We’ve consolidated the time clock into one global feature. This means your employees are able to clock in from either SalonBiz Central or SalonBiz Enterprise, and the entries appear on both the Central HR and Enterprise reports. This upgrade is automatic, your employees can clock in wherever it’s most convenient. Find your time clock report under HR/Time Clock Administration.
  • Employees can now be assigned a PIN in addition to their SalonBiz Central password. This PIN can be used within SalonBiz Central in the Time Clock, and to override secure functions that the logged user does not have permission to use.
  • The calendar on the SalonBiz Central Stats Dashboard has been updated to a Sun-Sat, as opposed to a Mon-Sun view.

Central Desk – Book & Client File

  • Wait List is here! In the upper left corner of the book, you will see a number indicating the number of clients waiting for openings on the day you’re viewing. You can access the full wait list at any time in that menu, as well. When you open a spot on the book that can be filled from the wait list, we will prompt you to view the wait list (pending your default setting to do so). We will filter the wait list that opens from this prompt to only show entries that can be booked, but you are free to view all entries from there.
  • The history and Pure Privilege membership details lists for clients have been updated to a compacted view which allow for more visible rows with less scrolling.
  • The Client File’s Individual Info section now includes Interests.
  • You can now book a new appointment directly from the client’s file by clicking the calendar icon next to the client’s name.
  • Standing Appointments has had improvements that include a filter to view/delete Standing Appts only vs All Appts, as well as a solution to the possibility of multi-service standings being booked as separate appointments on the same day. We’ve also implemented the alert to users when checking in a standing appointment for a client that only has a few left.
  • When moving an appointment whose staff is booked with a different staff member, the finish will assume that it should stay with that staff. (Improved drag/drop).
  • We have added the ability to extend an appointment or block over an existing appointment or block using drag-to-extend, as long as your “Max Overlap” time allows.
  • We’ve added a “busy” indicator that will appear after drag and drop while the update is being saved.

Central Desk – Tickets

  • We’ve improved booking appointments from the ticket! You will now receive a rebook modal that allows you to choose a date from a calendar OR a number of weeks (from today) button to quickly rebook the client’s next appointment. Additionally, you can book a new visit, or choose to rebook the services on the ticket. 
  • You can now print OR email receipts. We’ve also composed a guide on how to install a hardware app, QZ Tray, that will be used to integrate your cash drawer so that it will pop automatically.
  • You can now safely start a ticket on one workstation, and process it on another. The payments will move to the correct shift for your nightly count down.
  • We’ve corrected rare .01 discrepancies in your shift counts that were caused by a tax rounding issue in tickets.
  • We’ve improved barcode scanning functionality on your tickets.
  • You can now create tickets in a location that is different from your default location in your employee file.
  • Drawer Entries now allow decimals amounts (change).
  • We’ve added a “busy” indicator while Pure Privilege eligible transactions are being processed during the processing of a ticket.
  • Your pinpads will now show or hide Suggested Tip Amounts according to your default setting.
  • We’ve added helpful tooltips to the “G, S, P” indicators on the ticket to remind you they are Gift Cards, Series, and Promo Credits.
  • You can now lower the selling price of a gift card down to $0 for a donation. *Security will be enforced, if enabled.

Central Desk – Operations

  • We have disabled the Open Card Only Shift and Count Cash buttons in Open Shift while the workstation list is loading. This will prevent any issues with linking your workstation’s drawer to your shift.
  • We do allow you to open a shift on a workstation that is not linked to a cash drawer. Simply use the Open Card Only Shift option.
  • If the shift screen’s cash count does not include a bill or coin you have set up, please know that we are working on this for you. In the meantime, you may enter your total for Bills and Coins instead so that you may close your shift.
  • You can now view the details of a Reconciled shift by clicking the View Shift button from the main Shifts list.
  • We’ve displayed your cash count error in red or green to indicate any overages/shortages.

Central Desk – Products

  • Adjustments are here! You can view, create, process, and void adjustments



SalonBiz Update 1.29.20

SalonBiz iPad App

  • We’ve corrected a crash when editing ticket lines.
  • We’ve corrected a crash when loading a book that includes a staff with no data (rare).
  • We’ve added the logged in user’s name to the Log Out area of the menu.


  • We’ve added the email subject and template used to the Analytics page.
  • You can now include merge tags in your custom subject lines to personalize the email
  • We’ve added an All Locations option to scheduled campaign setup where appropriate, as well as some helpful text to help you decide the best way to send them.

Central Desk


  • If you were one of our first to try out the book, you’ll notice we’ve made a change to make selecting time slots for new appointments/blocks and viewing appointments/blocks more like you’re used to in your desktop version of SalonBiz. Double click selects the item. Single click and drag to move or adjust the duration.
  • The appointment log is even more accessible than before! You can view an appointment’s log with the button in the appointment, or click the menu in the upper left corner of the book to find it when you need it.
  • Your staff can now mark an appointment as ready-for-self-checkout in the Pocket Salon app! Just click the dropdown on the checked in appointment, and click “Allow Self Checkout”.
  • You can find Standing Appointments in the menu in the upper left corner of the appointment book, or you can click the Standing Appointment icon in the lower left corner of the appointment panel to book a standing from an existing appointment.

Check In/Out

  • The days of needing to open your shift before you can view your check in list for the day are over. Just set your workstation, and you’re done.


  • Aveda Pure Privilege integration is complete! Your clients can buy memberships, earn points, redeem certificates, and you can view their complete history in their client file.


  • If you’re using our Tickets feature, you also have the ability to open and close your shifts and days in Operations. We’ve streamlined the process — just count your cash, and you’re done. You can view all transactions in the shift details screen.


  • You’ll find a new menu item, Products. This is where you can currently view your Product Details from your product files. You’ll soon see items like Adjustments, Counts, and Orders there, too.


SalonBiz Update 1.16.20

You can customize your Communication Suite email templates with a “Subject” field for manual, focused, and scheduled campaign emails.

  • The default subject is “A message from [company name],”  will be used for any campaigns using templates that haven’t been customized. Click the Gear icon on a template to change the Subject.

Online Booking’s order confirmations (for bookings and gift card purchases) have been improved with a fresh new look.

SalonBiz Stylist app

  • We have fixed the issue with contact info being masked in client file and appointment info for Admins. Admins should always be able to see the contact info.
  • We have fixed an issue that caused the book to not refresh to the newly selected staff when the user Changes Staff from the book.


SalonBiz Stylist App Update 1.7.20

  • We have resolved the remaining issues with book access for front desk and managers.
  • You can view a client’s check-in time in their appointment info.
  • New clients are now shown with a * next to their name, just like you’re used to in SalonBiz.
  • We’ve added a character count in Add Formula so you know how much you can successfully save.


SalonBiz Update 1.3.20

SalonBiz App for iPad Improvements

  • We’ve improved the display for appointments that do not have a request reason.
  • You can see the staff name when reviewing a client’s service history.
  • We’ve added the ability to search for and select a client from within an existing walk-in ticket.

Pocket Salon App Improvements

If you are not quite ready for your clients to send messages to your staff thru the app you can easily Disable the “Send message to stylist” feature in the app with a new setting. You can find it in SalonBiz Central’s Pocket Salon Admin settings.


SalonBiz Update 1.2.20

Happy New Year!

Creating a client from the Stylist app or SalonBiz app for iPad will enforce the default setting “Opt in automatically for email/text communication”. If it’s set to yes for the location, the client will be opted in.

We’ve also made improvements to the navigation menu in Central. You can fully expand/collapse it, as well as pin just the icons!


SalonBiz Update 11.13.19

The Pocket Salon app has a great new feature for your client’s home screen. We’ve replaced the Facebook feed so you can create customized messages using the template builder inside Central. You will simply create a template and then link it in your Admin/Online Booking/Pocket Salon settings. This will be a fantastic way for you to communicate news directly to your guests through the app!

There is a new Focused Campaigns menu item in SalonBiz Central. This gives you the option to send any campaign available in Central to any list of clients, even lists exported from Customer Queries! See how to export a custom query here, and how Focused Campaigns work here. These Focused Campaigns will appear in the Analytics report like the normal campaigns.

SalonBiz Stylist App Update 11.8.19

We’ve updated your favorite app with a fresh interface and new navigation!

  • All of your menu items are located in convenient tabs at the bottom of the screen, making your book, client search, stats and messages just a single tap away and available any time.
  • Added support for Dark Mode in iOS 13
  • Added a pull-down-to-refresh gesture to the book
  • Added some great options in the Stats screen to better support managers and multi-location staff
  • Added the ability to switch staff directly from the appointment book
  • All staff lists are location specific across the app
  • All location lists are collapsible – less scrolling!
  • Long formulas properly wrap to the next line


SalonBiz Update 10.18.19

  • The Communications Suite continues to improve! A new ‘All Clients’ option has been added to your scheduled campaigns list.


SalonBiz Update 10.3.19

  • View gift card sales revenue generated after your email campaigns in the Campaign Analytics report.
  • Add your own HTML code and videos to your email templates in the Communications Suite.
  • We have updated your Credit Card Transaction report to make it more helpful while reconciling your day.
  • We have updated your Pure Privilege integration to resolve challenges processing tickets for clients with suspended Pure Privilege memberships.


SalonBiz Update 9.19.19

We’ve implemented several updates to the Communications Suite. You can create beautifully branded responsive templates, set-and-forget marketing campaigns, and measure your success with analytical reporting. Plus get instant feedback with the guest experience management tool and generate positive reviews on Google and Facebook. Contact us ([email protected]) if you want to learn more about:

  • Automated Email/Text Appointment Confirmations & Reminders
  • Automated Email Campaigns
  • Campaign Analytics Report 
  • Automated Customer Feedback
  • Reviews (Google/Facebook)


SalonBiz Update 8.7.19

  • We have two great Communications Suite Improvements:
    • New Templates page! We’ve improved the layout and added Featured Templates for you to use in your email communications. We’ll be adding more in the near future. You can also copy a template to start a new one.
    • Campaign Analytics feature update. We’ve added a pie chart visual aid, as well as the ability to filter your revenue details by service category. This helps you know if the appointments booked within 48 hours of a campaign were related to the content of the campaign.
  • New report added called the “MBR” Monthly Business Report located in your Central System Reports. It compares Revenue and Purchases for this year (date range you enter) and last year same time. You’ll also see Productivity and Walk In numbers for the date range.
  • The Previous period column in the Dashboard stats in SalonBiz Central is correctly labeled as Same Period Last Month. We apologize for the confusion with the name.
  • Blocks created on the Stylist app and SalonBiz app for iPad will no longer appear in your appointment log as being created “Online”. They will appear as being created by the staff that creates them.


SalonBiz Update 7.24.19

  • The SalonBiz for iPad App’s self check-in kiosk feature has been updated. The on-screen keyboard closes when guests tap anywhere outside of the keyboard.
  • The SalonBiz iPad App refreshes the appointment book upon exiting the kiosk so that checked in appointments appear grey on the book.
  • We’ve resolved an issue sending Campaign emails due to the lack of a subject line in the campaign.
  • You’re getting a SalonBiz update! You’ll notice your SalonBiz version has been updated to This version features improvements like:

Appointment Book

    • Assign security levels to all of your block reasons in Blueprint/Staff and Book/Block Time, and secure access to them. These security levels will be enforced in our Stylist and iPad apps, as well as our new web-based appointment book. The security settings are Appt. Book – Block Reason Level 1, 2, and 3.

Customer/Client File

    • The Add Customer – Default Contact Method default setting includes an Email option
    • The opt in/out settings for appointment reminders and marketing campaigns have been streamlined in the client file. This change has also been made in our iPad app and web-based appointment book
    • Creating a special TIMING for a client’s services is now secure, like that of the special pricing. The security setting is Customer File – Edit Special Time
    • Arrival info (late arrivals and appointment cancellations) is merged when merging client files.

Gift Certificates

    • Gift certificate purchases on tickets can be limited to a maximum purchase amount. The default setting is found in Blueprint/Ticket, and is called Gift Certificates – Maximum allowed purchase amount.
      • This setting will also be enforced in our SalonBiz app for iPad
      • To enforce a maximum online, use the setting in your Online Booking/Gift Cards page in SalonBiz Central
      • Applying payment from an expired gift certificate is now secured. The security setting is Gift Certificate – Use After Expiration
    • This security will be enforced in our SalonBiz app for iPad.


    SalonBiz Update 7.10.19

    • We’ve made improvements to keep your SalonBiz Central session active. (**Clear your browser’s cache and cookies to benefit from this change**)
    • The Pocket Salon app allows guests to browse your salon’s services and products without signing in. Now in the App Store and Google Play.
    • The Pocket Salon app displays your products designated as “popular” in the Products page if the guest has no recent purchases or recommended products.
    • Appointments cancelled VIA Presence AI will be displayed with no cancelling staff in your appointment log, indicating the client cancelled the appointment.
    • The SalonBiz Stylist app will guide you on the maximum available duration (in minutes) you can create an appointment or block. Now in App Store and Google Play.


    SalonBiz Update 6.26.19

    • Did you know there is no limit to how many products you can select in your regimens for the iPad app’s recommendation feature? We’ve removed the text stating you’re limited to 12 per regimen.
    • Multi-location service providers can now view their consolidated stats in SalonBiz Central’s Dashboard. Just choose the “All Locations” option from the dropdown.
    • We’ve added the All Clients campaign to the Campaign Analytics report in SalonBiz Central.
    • You will notice a new update to the Credit Card Transactions report in Report Viewer. This version, 015, allows you to group your transactions by either shift or batch.


    SalonBiz Update 6.12.19

    • Your custom email templates for appointment reminders and/or marketing campaigns will automatically save. Take your time and make them look amazing, we’ll save it for you in the event your session times out before you’re done so you don’t lose your work.
    • There’s an update to the SalonBiz for iPad app in the App Store! This version improves the display of self check-in kiosk for easier use, allows for editing of staff on product ticket lines, warns you when applying an expired gift card, and improves the layout of the Apply Gift Card, Apply Promo Credit, and Apply Series screens.
    • Stylist App Android users can now enjoy the before and after client photo feature, too! Make sure to update your app from the Google Play store.
    • We have some updates ready to roll out for SalonBiz on your desktop, too! Included new features include secure and tiered block reasons, security on applying expired gift cards as payment, setting a maximum purchase amount on gift cards, securing the editing of clients’ special timing on services, and allowing you to set the default primary contact method for new clients to Email. Let us know if you’d like to be updated before the general release!


    SalonBiz Update 5.29.19

    • Major improvements and new features released in the Communications Suite, you will now find a Scheduler and an Analytics report under the Campaigns menu item in SalonBiz Central. These allow you to set up auto-run (set-it-and-forget-it) campaigns, and view a detailed return on investment report for each email campaign.
    • Before and After photos are live in the App Store for the Stylist App and will be available in the Play store for our Android users very soon!


    SalonBiz Update 4.30.19

    • Your Online Booking flow has been improved to help clients know that their appointment is not booked immediately after choosing their date and time of service. We’ve updated the Continue button to “Continue to Cart”, and added some helpful text reminding them to submit their order in the cart.
    • Report Update – The Future Revenue Predictions report has been updated in your Report Viewer. This new version, 122.IV.9.5.008, adds grouping and totals by staff category.


    Pocket Salon App Update 4.28.19

    • The summary on checked in tickets no longer includes a Service Charge line when there are no once-per-ticket service charges present.


    SalonBiz iPad Update 4.22.19

    • Tip functions are hidden on ticket if disabled by an Admin.
    • Fixed crash when adding tips in iOS 9 and 10.
    • Corrected punctuation display errors in block notes.


    SalonBiz Report Update 4.18.19

    • An updated version of the Staff Detail Summary report (version 011), is now available in your Report Viewer. This version corrects an issue with staff from all locations appearing in the staff list, despite staff not being shared across locations.


    SalonBiz Update 4.10.19

    • Users now have the ability to search free photos that can be added to email templates in SalonBiz Central for Campaigns, Reminders, and Confirmations. Click here to see the steps
    • We have resolved an issue with Payment Vs Sales (PVS) errors on your Daily Summary report that could occur from taxed service charges on tickets processed from the SalonBiz iPad app.
    • Aveda salons and spas participating in Aveda’s Empowered Ordering program will receive an update early next week. This update allows you to see if a product has been discontinued, or if it was a launch product in the Aveda Empowered Ordering log. Currently, those products are added to the order as backorder items.


    SalonBiz iPad Update 4.4.19

    • Self Check-in Kiosk masks all but the first letter of the client’s first name, and the first 3 letters of their last name, and requires 2 letters to search.
    • Resolved an issue that brought user into appointment flow instead of a new ticket when creating the ticket for a newly created client.
    • Improvements and minor bug fixes throughout to improve text, and clean up data lists
    • Added a Note icon to blocked time to indicate a block note
    • Added 9, 10, 11, 12 weeks to the Rebook feature
    • Added support for PaySimple credit card integration
    • Improved flow of adding tips after card is swiped


    SalonBiz Reports Update

    • An updated version of the Cancelled Appointments report, version 004, was released on 3/26/19. This version lists the name of the service and cancellation reason; can be run for multi-locations; and no longer excludes cancelled appointments when the cancelling staff is unknown.
    • An updated version of the Ticket List report, version 007s and 008 (depending on shared data), was released on 4/2/19. This version corrects an issue that could cause subsequent pages’ totals not including the previous pages’ totals.
    • An updated version of the Daily Summary report, version 027s and 028 (depending on shared payments), was released on 4/2/19. This version supports miscellaneous item sales, as well as the initiation and processing fees for memberships.
    • An updated version of the Top N Customers by All Sales, version 007, was released on 4/8/19. This version corrects an issue that resulted in the store totals on subsequent pages including totals from the previous pages.


    SalonBiz Reports Update 3.20.19

    • An updated version of the Staff Detail Summary report (version 009), is now available in your Report Viewer. This version improves the staff multi-select functionality. Simply click the “Run for all Staff” button for your date range to receive a print out of one page per staff member with sales data in the date range for the selected locations.


    SalonBiz Update 3.18.19

    We have updated your SalonBiz to version

    • We have resolved the challenge with per-service service charges being reflected in ticket subtotals after being removed manually from the ticket.

    SalonBiz New Features & Improvements

    Appointment Book

    • Set up services to be performed on specific days of the week by service providers by using the new Set Days option in the Service List.
    • Schedule simultaneous services for a customer using the same resource by checking the “Allow powerbooking for customer” box in the Resource file. (Example: book a manicure and pedicure using a combo mani/pedi chair!)

    Gift Certificates

    • Change the type of a sold gift certificate by selecting it in the dropdown from the Gift Certificate list. Secure this feature with Gift Certificate – Change Type.

    Ticket List

    • See which of SalonBiz’s tools processed tickets at a glance with the Mobile Ticket column in the ticket list. Tickets processed online, on a consumer facing app like Pocket Salon, or on your SalonBiz for iPad app will be clearly marked.

    Appointment Log

    • See which of SalonBiz’s tools booked your appointments in the appointment log. We’ve improved the log to show if an appointment was booked by a staff using the SalonBiz or SalonBiz Stylist apps, or a customer using Online Booking or Pocket Salon, or by one of our partners.


    • Memberships can now be sold and used for discount benefits on the same ticket.
    • It’s easier than ever to apply a member discount on a ticket, even when your customers have more than one. Simply select the one you wish to apply to the ticket from the dropdown of open memberships.
    • Take more control over your membership benefits and discounts. Set up discount usage limits and track history.

    Service Charges

    • Visit the expanded Service Charge setup screen in Blueprints to customize your service charges. They can now be calculated once per service, once per ticket, as a fixed amount or percentage, and even on a tiered system. You can also choose to set a maximum charge your customers pay within a time frame.


    • You’ll notice a See More button on the ticket that not only allows you to sell memberships without having to remember the F7 key, but will also allow you to add a miscellaneous sale to the ticket. These are useful for things like raffle tickets and donations. Set these up in Blueprints to get started.

    Book Fixes

    • Staff schedule groups holding more than 100 staff members will no longer lose their order on the book.
    • Blocks will no longer be allowed to overlap other blocks, regardless of overlap settings for appointments.

    SalonBiz Updates 3.13.19

    • You’ll no longer see “Fakepath” in the filenames when uploading images in Central.
    • The form that pops up when updating a booking request or general request from the Online Activity Detail report will properly close after clicking the Update button.
    • The form that pops up when resending an online gift card will properly close after clicking the Resend button.
    • Online Booking users will be able to update their passwords from the user profile.
    • We have resolved the recent issue with printing your logos on credit card receipts.
    • An updated version of the Credit card Transactions report,, is now available in Report Viewer. This version adds an Entry Method column so users can see how the card was authorized (Contactless, Swiped, EMV Chip, Stored, or Keyed). It also adds the word “Debit” in the Authorization Code field for Debit transactions.


    Stylist App Updates 3.1.19

    • Users with access to see client contact info will be able to tap the phone number or email to launch the phone or email app directly from the Stylist app.
    • The Goals page, accessible from Stats now includes Forecast data for Service & Retail Revenue, and Tickets. This feature is available for single staff and location views.
    • We have resolved the issue of punctuation displaying improperly in Messages in the iOS version of the app.


    SalonBiz Updates 2.13.19

    • Added a ‘What’s New’ link to the menu for quick access to the list of improvements and new features. You can find this under the My Tools menu in SalonBiz Central.
    • Added a more convenient login screen to SalonBiz Central for you to log in after your session has expired without having to go back to the main login page.
    • Your Online Activity Details report for a date range displays 2,000 records. If you select a large date range that exceeds the max number of records you will be prompted to re-run the report using a smaller date range.


    Stylist App Updates 2.7.19

    • The Notes indicator on appointments is a visual cue you that your guest has a note. Tap the icon to view the notes.
    • Due to popular demand, appointments are now displayed in the color of their request reason.
      • The standard white font is harder to read on light pastel colors, we have another update coming soon to resolve that.
      • These request reason colors are easy to update in your Blueprint Settings click here for the steps.
    • Number of services in an appointment for the staff is shown next to client name
      • We are working to make this number reflect all of the client’s appointments, regardless of staff, in a future update.
    • Improved message when unable to create a block due it’s duration.
    • Added a ‘What’s New’ link to the menu for quick access to the list of improvements and new features.


    SalonBiz Update 1.30.19

    New Features

    • Pocket Salon is now available for Android!
    • Check out the My Tools menu item in SalonBiz Central. You can view custom analytics to see your company’s usage of the tools available, and contact us directly from the page to learn more. 
    • Feeling like Central is a little sluggish? Try the Performance tool (also located in the My Tools menu) to compare speed of downloads between SalonBiz’s server and your local network’s.


    • We have resolved the issue of the Dashboard’s stats list and Messages list not scrolling when needed. 
    • We’ve improved the email footers on your reminders and confirmations so that your clients can’t switch to text communications if you are not set up to send them.


    SalonBiz Update 1.14.19

        • Pocket Salon available for Android users.
        • Credit Card integration with PaySimple available for SalonBiz, Online Booking, Online Gift Cards and Pocket Salon App
        • Text reminders and confirmations available in Canada.