January 15th, 2022

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The SalonBiz team wants to see you IN PERSON as we kick off SeriousBusiness weekend with our annual idea forum, PowerUp! 

We’ll share what’s new with SalonBiz, show you the latest technologies fueling the future of the industry and hear stories of successful growth from salon owners and managers just like you.

We are looking ahead and ready to help you accelerate growth in 2022, so grab your tools, and let’s go!

January 15 I 2:30 – 5:30pm

The Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans

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Drive A World-Class Experience

While we know creating an exceptional experience for our guests has always been top of mind, creating that same exceptional career experience for our team members is now more crucial than ever. Although you may have never realized, your internal company culture is customer service for your team. While customers are imperative to operating a business, having a great team of employees who feel appreciated, empowered, and engaged is just as important. In this PowerUp keynote, we will discuss the current employment challenges and strategies for overcoming the current crisis now and in the future. As well as how creating a World Class Guest Experience can go hand in hand with creating a World Class Team Experience.

Dealing with the Great Resignation era

Building a fantastic employee culture that retains your top talent and makes your business the brand where others want to work

Recruit “A” players and not compromising with new hires

Adjusting your customer experience in a post covid economy


Employed by not 1 but 2 of the Top 20 Salons in America before 24. Mia has spent 22 years immersed in every aspect of our industry. Always eager to push our industry ever higher, she continuously looks for ways to find creative and out-of-the-box methods that can be utilized by any size salon/spa organization. Her immense passion for our industry is evident to all within minutes. She currently serves as Director of Marketing and People Development at John Robert’s Spa in Cleveland, Ohio. Joining ranks with The DiJulius Group annually to host The Customer Service Revolution Conference.

Mia currently lives in Columbus, OH with her husband Ben and their 3 incredible little humans; Piper, Charlie, & Evie. Podcasts, Yoga, and spreading kindness are her jam.

We cannot wait for you to hear what Mia has to share about customer service, empathy, coaching, and creating a culture staff will never want to leave.

Find out how we are advancing the software to give you more of the tools you need to fuel growth. 

Our team is putting the pedal to the metal with new product development and automation. Learn about what’s coming in the new year and the latest trends coming to the industry.

Dive into the amazing SalonBiz network of owners, managers, and stylists for insight, best practices, and success stories

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