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An App that Strengthens the Bond Between Salon and Guest

In today’s tech-crazed age, it’s become clear that the best technology doesn’t replace a conversation, it ADDS TO the conversation—especially those that need a little nurturing. Think about how texting unites distant teens with their parents, how Facebook re-connects college friends who meant to stay in touch but life happened. We saw the same potential… Read more »


What’s New – 2018

WOWZA!! January has been quite a month and if it’s any indication of what 2018 has in store…. look out – here comes SalonBiz! Our team works hard all year preparing for our annual PowerUp tech forum and SeriousBusiness weekend. We absolutely love getting to see many of you in New Orleans. We were beyond… Read more »


Sidebar Test

We’ve got a plan for your growth Whatever size salon you are now, your needs are going to change, and our software is built to grow with you. With SalonBiz, you can add locations, online e-commerce, text confirmations, whatever your next step is—and the transition is seamless. From owner to owner: there’s one mistake we… Read more »