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Software Downloads

Aveda Price update tool Prices on select products increase on July 1, 2018. In order to align with Aveda's suggested retail price and list cost, we've created a free tool that will update the products for you.* If you are using the SalonBiz Enterprise (HA) version of the salon software or SalonBiz Cloud, don't worry–we'll update... Read more »READ MORE

Manager Training

From creating services to scheduling staff, handling service orders and every other aspect of your business that requires management over the day-to-day activities and interactions, you need a quick and easy way to run your operations and see what’s going on. Our SalonBiz Manager training is a program setup just for that reason. We break... Read more »READ MORE

Front-desk Training

Your front-desk setup is critical to ensuring your salon software investment offers all the value you are looking for and an investment you simply can’t operate without. From scheduling and making hair salon appointments, managing inventory and timeclocks, taking payments and all other front-desk basics that are critical to your business operating smoothly. We break... Read more »READ MORE

Hardware Requirements

For our salon software to run smoothly, you'll need to make sure your in-salon tech setup meets (or exceeds) the following specifications: Minimum Computer Specifications Processor: 2.0 GHZ or greater dual core Memory: 2 GB or greater (More than 2 GB is suggested as OS uses 2GB in Visa/Win7/Win8) Hard Drive: 120 GB 7200 RPM... Read more »READ MORE

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use

Information we gather The following information is gathered from our website visitors: IP address, user account information when applicable, site visitation information, page views, browsers used and browser capabilities and site search queries. We also collect and retain any information submitted to our organization via the contact and other forms located in the site. How… Read more »



our pricing philosophy Please contact us for pricing. In the meantime, you might be wondering: Do you offer subscriptions or can I purchase the salon software outright? We offer subscriptions, not outright purchases. (Does anyone sell software anymore?) Technology changes so rapidly, buying almost immediately leaves you with outdated tools (remember the cell phone you… Read more »



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Your SalonBiz Salon Software has all kinds of bells, whistles and features to help you run your salon effectively and efficiently. We want to ensure you get the most out of them, so we’ve asked our experts to set up free ongoing webinars for you to join, on your schedule, and learn all about the... Read more »READ MORE


SalonBiz PowerUp 2020 January 18 • 2:30-5:30 pm Roosevelt Ballroom The Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans Join us for our annual idea forum, kicking off SeriousBusiness weekend. Get Your SeriousBusiness & PowerUp Tickets! Get Tickets   Join the SalonBiz team as we kick off SeriousBusiness weekend with our annual idea forum, PowerUp! We’ll discuss what’s new… Read more »