Salon Software - Retail tips

Let’s face it, retail really gets a bad rap. After all, sell is a four-letter word – right? But when you talk to stylists who consistently crush their retail goals, you have to stop and wonder if they’ve cracked the secret code. We sat down for a quick chat – client in the shampoo bowl and all – with one of our favorite stylists, Tatum Neill, who let us know that it doesn’t have to be that complicated. 

Tatum is the Creative Director of Paris Parker (@loveparisparker) and Elevate Hair (@elevatehair). He’s an accomplished hairdresser, is always adopting new technology and beats his retail goals each week.

He’s got 5 simple tips that will help you master your numbers while helping your guests: 

Know their habits

I want my clients to look beautiful every day without having to change their routine. Humans are creatures of habit, so it’s important to know everything about your client’s routine. Make sure to ask questions about how they work and play so that you can work within that routine.

Be confident

Taking time to learn about the products that you are using is important to the success of the recommendation. Not only should you be aware of each product, but make sure you are paying attention to the current trends and what your guests are interested in. The main point in confidence is not to stress…and certainly don’t let a “no” affect your ego. It’s not a rejection or anything to take personally–your client may just not need shampoo today!

Focus on the hair trinity

Every guest should use something for body, moisture and shine. Not every guest needs something for volume that adds body, but maybe something that tames the tresses. Always, always, always talk about the trinity! 

Take notes

Utilize the SalonBiz Stylist app to take notes on everything–the service, haircut and/or color as well as personal things you want to remember for next time. It’s also great to reference the purchase history before you follow up and ask how they liked a product. This will help build trust and strengthen your relationship.

Recap the visit

Make sure you recap the visit for every guest, every time. Show them everything you used, explain how you used it, review the benefits and then ASK what they’d like to take home. Make this an education conversation and keep “sell” out of your vocabulary.