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What is productivity?

Productivity is often defined by answering these two questions:

–  How busy are you?

–  How busy could you be?

Are you productive?

If you feel like you are always busy but the productivity reports aren’t saying the same thing, take a look at your book. There are a couple of things to check: make sure your schedule templates are set up correctly, make sure your block times are set up correctly and most importantly make sure your services are set up properly.











How it’s measuredstats

Productivity can be measured by dividing the amount of time you are booked for appointments by the time that you are available.

(hours booked / hours available – blocked hours x 100)

The Staff Service Productivity Summary report provides you with a productivity summary for your location, each of your staff members, departments and resources. It also provides a weekday analysis to see which days of the week you are busiest. We recommend viewing this report each month.

You don’t have to just look at service productivity, you can monitor and benchmark your reception team on activity. Run your Front Desk productivity by Hour report each week and each month. Use it as a guideline for staffing your front desk and call center.

This report tracks the number of appointments that were made, moved and deleted

Even when you are away from the salon/spa you can monitor performance. You can check individual stats and location stats right from your smartphone.

Best Practice

Our productivity best practice is to be aware of not only the things that impact a staff’s productivity but to also utilize the tools available to accurately report and fill those empty spots.





A great way to see where you can increase your productivity is by tracking missed opportunities. Add each missed opportunity and review the report each month to make the necessary adjustments to pump up your productivity.

Another way to increase your productivity is to use our integration with WebOpenings. What Priceline and Hotwire have done successfully in the travel space, WebOpenings is doing for salons and spas. WebOpenings is a yield management booking portal that enables you to fill your openings automatically.

The beauty about WebOpenings is the customization of what services, which service providers (like new or junior staff), at what prices and when you want the openings sold. Many locations use WebOpenings to sell a service with a value-add rather than lowering price.

Example: Offer a haircut with a conditioning treatment. These value adds benefit your business, the conditioning treatment carries a minimal cost, but you can increase the regular service price by $20 because of it.

Every opening that isn’t booked is lost revenue. With expenses relatively constant, all incremental revenue received from decreasing your vacancy rate goes directly to your bottom line.

If your productivity is less than 85%, WebOpenings can help you fill your quiet times. Imagine if you can increase productivity by 10% which will equate to thousands of dollars in lost revenue plus any added revenue generated from value-added services or product purchases.


With WebOpenings, your customers pre-purchase the appointment from WebOpenings which is a benefit to your business since the customer mindset is as if they’ve already paid for their service so it is a great opportunity to up-sell them on a value added service or product purchase when they arrive for their appointment.

WebOpenings will even provide targeted ad scheduling on Facebook for your business, chances are not all of your email addresses are your fans on Facebook, so they will also advertise to those customers to engage them and encourage them to like your business on Facebook.

Think about your current clients as a sales rep for your business. What if each “sales rep” shares your business with 4 of their friends. All of these strategies are used by WebOpenings to assist your business with the following:

      1. Shift buying behavior of your clients to book off-peak times – Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, rather than Friday or Saturday.
      2. Increase frequency of visit of your current client base to attract them back to your business to try a service that they have never tried before.
      3. Recapturing clients that have not been in for a long period of time.
      4. Acquiring new customers through social media and email marketing activities.

For more information on WebOpenings contact: or click here.