A new Virtual front door for your business

In today’s complex economy, your clients work, shop, socialize, and connect digitally— living online as much as they do in the “real world.” But amid all the transformation, one thing hasn’t changed: the importance of first impressions. To attract new clients, you must make each first encounter count.

Not long ago, clients would get their first impressions of your business through advertising or “curb appeal”—the image you projected for the world to see. Today, however, a prospective client’s first encounter with your business is overwhelmingly likely to happen online. So what replaces that moment when a client decides to step through your front door?

The new front door

It might surprise you just how much potential clients depend on online reviews— 92% say they read online reviews before selecting a business. And they take what those reviews say seriously: 80% say they trust reviews as much as they would the recommendation of a friend or family member.

In short, happy clients are a business’s best publicity—they write the reviews that serve as first impressions and help convince prospective customers to make appointments.

A shift in discovery: The power of online reviews

To help your business thrive, you have to make it easy for clients to post reviews—and just as easy for prospective clients to walk through that virtual front door. You’ll want to choose tools that automatically post reviews to your website and social media pages, helping you boost visibility and grow your client base. To inspire prospective customers to take action, offer 24/7 online scheduling wherever those reviews appear. You’ll end up with an attractive, informative, and consistent online presence—an open door that invites clients to come in and engage with all you have to offer.

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