We are approaching the final countdown to the big SeriousBusiness weekend and between planning our speaker schedules, meals and catching some Mardi Gras festivities we have been busy planning our Resource Space (formerly known as the Expo area). The Resource Space will be in the historic Roosevelt Hotel this year and will be packed full of your favorite companies!

This year, we’ve invited our partners that we seamlessly integrate with to share our space. We are all truly here to help you succeed and are excited to show you what’s new and how, together, we can help you grow.

If you’ve got your tickets to SeriousBusiness save some time in your schedule and come visit our incredible group in the Tech Space. Click here for the full event schedule.

Of course, if you can’t make it to the show this year, we’ve included the links for each partner so you can visit them virtually. No matter what, follow SalonBiz on Twitter or FaceBook and we’ll be sure to post updates and shenanigans throughout the weekend.


Demandforce is a leading client engagement software to help salons & spas keep the books full and reduce no-shows. Bring in new clients with online scheduling. Remind clients of appointments with automated text, voice and email reminders. Keep clients coming back with ready-to-send emails when they are due for a visit. Demandforce is always keeping up-to-date with the ever changing marketing industry- new and upcoming features include text recall, online scheduling on Google and one-click email promotions. Stop by the Expo to learn about these new features or see how engaging with your clients can grow your salon/spa.

Click here for more information on DemandForce


BeautyNow is the “OpenTable” for booking beauty appointments at over 8,000 (and counting) salons and spas across the U.S.

This free booking app revolutionizes the way we book our salon and spa appointments. BeautyNow’s unique technology works by seamlessly integrating real-time with a salon or spa’s existing appointment system so a user’s appointment is instantly confirmed. With just a few taps, your clients can see what’s available at your salon, at the time they want, and book instantly– no phone call confirmation necessary!

BeautyNow not only offers a hassle free way for your clients to book during off-hours and avoid peak business hours with long hold periods, but it also helps stylists to get re-bookings and repeat customers right there in their chair! BeautyNow provides the easiest way for your clients to book an appointment directly at your salon!

Click here for more information on BeautyNow


WebOpenings is a real-time tool that plugs directly into your software to fill your last minute appointments automatically. When an appointment is booked through WebOpenings it gets placed directly onto your schedule.

Are your junior service providers having a challenge filling their appointment book?

Do you have gaps in your schedule that you want to fill on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday?

Do you want new clients?

WebOpenings will assist your business in all of these facets. Our yield management tool enables your business to customize the openings that you want WebOpenings to fill for you through social media and email marketing.

WebOpenings will drive additional revenue for your business in the following ways:

  1. Shifting customers to purchase off-peak times therefore increasing employee productivity
  2. Increasing customer frequency of visit
  3. Attracting new clients to your business through social media and email marketing

Learn how our social media widgets can assist your business in filling these last minute openings. Partner with WebOpenings today to drive significant revenue for your business.

Click here for more information on WebOpenings


What is ZeeZor you ask?

In short, your NEW favorite app! ZeeZor seamlessly combines powerful technology and the one factor every human seeks…VALIDATION. It’s not always easy to recognize every stylists’ strengths and opportunities in regards to a business.

ZeeZor frees salon owners and managers from their computers and reports, allowing them to focus on what and who are driving the business. What would typically take hours of time and reams of paper, ZeeZor delivers in a clean, near real-time dashboard to your smartphone. Stylists can see exactly where their service and retail sales, rebook percentages, retention rates and more are for the day, week, month and year.

ZeeZor engages employees to compete against themselves and their teammates by providing year-over-year comparisons supporting growth to new artists and veterans alike; but, growth without recognition is often short-lived.

ZeeZor fosters communication between every stylist, manager, owner and even manufacturer. When seeing a new stylist with an awesome rebook percentage, the salon owner can let them know right through the app how great they’re doing. Praise validates the team and lets them know you know how amazing they are!

Click here for more information on ZeeZor


SalonCloudsPlus is the leading innovator for customized Mobile Apps and Websites for Salon and Spas, allowing them to engage their customers 24/7, The SalonCloudsplus app helps increase retail, rebooking, referrals and client retention.  The app lets salon and spa clients request/book appointments, view Salon/Spa services menus featuring up-to-date pricing, receive alerts on specials/promotions, capture reviews, and purchase gift cards anytime.  Our customized mobile apps allows you to connect with your current client, engage them and assist them to provide you with referrals and gain new clients which will ultimately boost your revenue!

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