Spooky holiday pumpkin
We have to admit, it can be strange thinking about the Holidays when you haven’t even purchased Halloween candy! Every little bit you can do now will make life so much easier in late November. We’ve interviewed our team of expert educators and have compiled our team’s top 10 favorite tips to maximize your online booking and gift card sales this season.


Don’t worry, if you are not currently using online booking and gift card sales – it’s not too late to get going and start selling on your website and Facebook page! 


1 – Refresh your welcome text

Set the tone and spice up your welcome text. You should plan on doing this regularly, but if you haven’t in a while it’s time to do it! It’s a great way to communicate directly with your guests.


It’s the first box in Step 9. General settings – under Online Booking Admin in Central. Click here for the Admin guide.


2 – Location info

Make sure your location information is up-to-date. When new guests are planning their visit make sure they can find you! Include your address, contact info and any special instructions such as where to park. 

3 – Review your service descriptions

Make sure each service you offer online has clear, concise, client-friendly descriptions. Check out this quick video to see how.


4 – Staff profile pictures

Show the world your well-polished team! It doesn’t require a ton of effort to take some fresh photos of your team that will make a huge impact. Don’t forget, everyone should have their hair & makeup done a nice solid background and great lighting.


5 – Schedule

Check your appointment book in SalonBiz and make sure they reflect any modified Holiday hours. While you are in there check your staff’s service times, prices and that the services they offer are in their menu. 


6 – Custom Gift Card images

Your brand will shine this season with a set of custom gift card images for your guests to choose from. You can load up to 6 different images under your Gift Card Images setting.
  1. From Central Admin – Online Booking Settings, click Gift Cards Images in the side navigation panel. 
  2. Click the Upload Image button. 
  3. Select an image file by clicking the Browse button. 
    • The maximum resolution of the image is 380×380 
    • Files should not contain any spaces or the special characters in the name, :< > / \ * &
    • Once you’ve added the custom image, select the thumbnail. These smaller images are available for the purchaser to preview the card. 
    • Click the Upload button. 


7 – Packages 

Create Gift Card links for package promotions on your website. When an online guest clicks to purchase one of your pre-determiend packages it will direct the purchaser to a completed gift card purchase page. 


Links are created in Central/Admin/Online Booking/Gift Card Links 

Charles Penzone uses our gift card system to support online deals and packages. Source: Charles Penzone

8 – Purchase as guest

Remove all barriers to sales and allow purchasers to quickly buy a gift card without logging in.
To enable this option, place a check in the box if you’d like to allow customers to purchase gift cards as a guest. You’ll find it in your Online Booking settings 8. Gift Cards.


9 – Promotions

If you plan on offering any promotions or incentives for your online sales, you’ve got options! This is great if you are doing a special promotion or discounts for your online gift cards. For example, you are doing a special promotion for Black Friday where anyone purchasing gets a $100 card for $80. Check out this quick how-to video on gift card promotions.


10  – Availability

You’ve done all this work getting your online booking and gift cards in tip top shape, make sure it’s available and easy for your guests to find! Place a button in a prominent place on your website and drop it on your Facebook page. Your guests can book appointments and buy gift cards while being mesmerized by holiday cookie decorating videos!  


Sell on Facebook, or any web page. Source: SalonBiz

Sell on Facebook, or any web page. Source: SalonBiz