inside of a hair salon without a front desk

In a few short weeks, we’ll be ringing in the new year, a time for resolutions and change. If you’ve been thinking about going deskless, now is the time. More and more salons are eliminating their front desk to give clients a more customized experience and utilize the space more efficiently.

Here are a few tips to successfully transition your space:

#1 Re-evaluate Your Technology Needs

If you haven’t already, it’s time to download SalonBiz’s Stylist App. The app empowers stylists to check color formulas, client notes and their book. Another must-have app for a front desk-free salon is Kiosk. The SalonBiz app for iPad allows clients to check in on an iPad by themselves, which sends a notification to the stylist that they’ve arrived. They can also check clients out—right at the chair.

Apps make eliminating the front desk simple for stylists and clients—no more bottleneck at the front desk!

Online booking is another must. Encourage clients to book online or through the Pocket Salon app for clients to reduce phone calls to the front desk.

#2 Maximize Your New Space

Even though you’ve said “so long” to the front desk, you’re still going to want a small table for practical matters. This is where you can place a laptop if needed, and store pens and gift cards in discreet drawers for easy grab-and-go.

Without a bulky reception area, you now have more space to showcase retail. Create seasonal displays, experiential centers or add new stock.

Your guest care team can now focus on delivering a better customer service experience to guests looking for retail, including selling gift cards or products from anywhere in the salon.

But what about the clients who call the salon to make appointments? Those calls should significantly go down with online booking, but for the guests who do phone the salon, you can have calls routed to a mobile phone or headset.

#3 Communicate Clearly to Clients

Celebrate the new changes in your space with photos on social media and through emails to clients. Don’t forget to include details on how to check in and out in the new space. Guests will appreciate the heads up and quickly come to love the convenience of your new set up.

They’re also going to notice a better customer service experience as they browse your retail. Instead of being stuck behind a desk, guest care team members can roam the retail area to answer questions, make suggestions and encourage sampling.

#4 Re-Write Job Descriptions

The job of the front desk will become more about customer service than ever. These team members should be well versed on your entire retail stock and experts in navigating the apps and technology you’re using to create an efficient, seamless experience.

Clearly outline expectations for the guest care team and set goals for them, just like you do for stylists. Having a job description in writing will provide clarity for everyone.

Technology makes your salon’s world go ’round. Embrace the latest to go front-desk free in 2020!