Serious Business 2016

Our team is always excited for Serious Business! Over the years we’ve created some amazing relationships with our customers, so we can’t wait for our annual “family” reunion. Once we turn the calendar to January, the anticipation is amplified and the energy is electric.

Aside from the reunion part of the weekend, there is inspiration, action and learning. The variety of illustrious speakers is always so incredible that you leave wondering how the next year could be any better…and somehow, it always is!

Again this year SalonBiz is sponsoring a Technology track, a special lineup of breakouts that with a technology focus, filled with tangible action items that you can take back to the salon/spa. Before you plan out your breakout sessions and divide them up amongst your team (we aren’t the only ones that do that, right?) we wanted to introduce you to each of our speakers and let you know what you can look forward to in their sessions.

Matt HumphryMatt Humphrey

Matt is a salon and spa marketing expert that truly understands the beauty industry from the inside out. His can’t-miss breakout is all about ‘Conversational Marketing’. When I asked Matt to explain what you’ll learn, he shared these three key points from his presentation:

  • Becoming your own Brand Therapist and creating a new narrative
  • Finding your voice in a crowded marketplace and starting a new conversation with your marketing that drives results
  • Creating your own marketing entourage

Chris Murphy

I know everyone will want to mark this Serious Business alumni on their must-see breakout list! When I asked Chris what he’s planning to share during his session, he came back quickly with…Loyalty’s Not Dead! Read what else he said:

These days, the talk on the street seems to be about the doom and gloom of our industry due to the rise of salon suites and booth rental. All the fear mongering is absolutely destroying us from the inside out. Walk-outs, at varying degrees, happen to almost every salon at some point in its existence. Many argue the reasons for these devastating events are compensation, while others argue flexibility or both. So many salon owners talk about giving up.

Dealing with staff turnover is part of running any business. You can’t avoid it, but you can learn to manage it. A lot of good can “rise out of the ashes”. Join Chris and he’ll introduce “The Three Pillars of Culture” and his step-by-step blueprint for nurturing a salon/spa culture where team members want to stay. He’ll be sharing his biggest secrets for improving staff retention and how his multi-location, multi-million dollar salon group increased its total staff retention from 60% to 88% in less than two years.

Frank RizzieriFrank Rizzieri

Not only is Frank a creative and talented editorial hairstylist, he is also an astute businessman. The Rizzieri enterprise consists of three award-winning salons, a day spa, a cosmetology school and a massage school.

So, what happens when you are maxed out on productivity and don’t want to move or sign a new lease? When you attend Frank’s breakout session you’ll hear how to utilize your existing square footage and resources by offering a new service – barbering! Frank’s ‘shop within a shop’ concept creates a new excitement for staff and gives the salon a new price point not to mention showcasing the current trend in the industry. If you are looking to increase revenue in your existing space, you will not want to miss this!

Rob Willis

Honestly, I’m not sure how Rob had any time to talk with us at all. He’s just opened a new location with business partner Karie Bennett, Atelier Salon & Barber Shop. So managing staff and all of the other “fun” things that go along with overseeing business operations is nothing new to this rock star.

When you attend Rob’s breakout, you’ll hear about how it is often said that it is lonely at the top, and as an owner it can be. You’ll learn how an owner can develop a relationship with a GM to create a salon culture that employees never want to leave.

You’ll hear why stylists value his salon’s culture and choose to stay in it – even though they are in a predominately rental market. He’ll also give you tons of tips on sustaining a culture in a multi location salon.

We can’t wait to see everyone in just a couple of weeks! Visit for more information and tickets.