April is an exciting time for us. The weather is warming up and along with it come signs of spring and new beginnings. The change of the season gives us time to pause, reflect and enjoy the nature that surrounds us. Neill Technologies has deep roots in a mission of environmental responsibility and is totally committed to preservation, conservation and sustainability.

Earth Month is officially underway! We’ve started a fundraising campaign, so I had to catch up with Lillie, our Earth Month champion, to get the details!

Lillie Bankston

Client Success Manager (and SalonBiz Cloud Ninja)

Years in the industry

Coffee or Tea?
If I HAD to pick I’d choose coffee, but I don’t really like either.
(On a personal note, I just don’t get this! I couldn’t even function!)

Favorite Conservation Tip
One of the easiest ways to conserve is to eliminate paper waste! By using our mobile tools, salons can reduce paper use and save tons of money in the process.  Receipts can be emailed to clients, staff can check their schedules and travelers on their phones, and managers can check stats in real-time so they don’t need to print any unnecessary reports.

Let’s hear about Neill Technologies’ Earth Month efforts.
We try and do something different each year that includes our staff and customers! This year our team is selling $10 raffle tickets to our customers for a chance to win a $500 credit on their SalonBiz account.

What is the staff doing?
Internally, we have our ‘Jeans Fridays’ – for a $5 donation staff can break our dress code for a day and wear jeans. We also love softball! We are going to hit the field again this year, each player will make a minimum donation of $25 to play.

What’s your goal?
We really have two: First to create awareness for our team and clients and second to raise money for our Earth Month partner! We’ve pledged to raise $1,000 this year.

How can people participate?
Any of our customers can call us at 888.809.2802 and enter the raffle. If anyone lives near our Hammond Campus and would like to play softball – give us a call! For the rest of this month we’ll be selling tickets and accepting donations.

Where are the proceeds going?
All of the proceeds will go to The Gulf Restoration Network. They are committed to uniting and empowering people to protect and restore the natural resources of the Gulf Region.
To learn more about the Gulf Restoration Network visit: https://healthygulf.org/