Month: March 2019

How to Increase Revenue with Online Salon Software

By Laurel Nelson, contributing writer with Salon Today As a salon owner, there’s nothing more important than the quality of your “guest experience ” and the revenue you earn making people feeling beautiful and happy. The best way to manage it all and increase revenue? Use online salon software. Why? Simplifies payment options for clients… Read more »


Pocket Salon App Gives Clients a Seamless Experience

Kathleen Hildenbrand, owner of Lucky 13 salon in Columbus, Ohio, prides herself on being an early adopter of technology. So when SalonBiz introduced its Pocket Salon app for clients last year, she jumped on it immediately. “You have to stay on top of technology to be taken seriously and provide what the client wants and… Read more »


5 Ways to Ensure Client Credit Card Information Security

As a salon business owner, you want to make sure clients’ credit card information is safe when a transaction goes through a terminal or an app on a mobile device like a smartphone or iPad. And you want customers to know and feel secure about your payment process, too. It’s what builds trust in your… Read more »