Month: March 2018

Outperforming Online: Why Salons Should Win At Retail

By Laurel Nelson, contributing writer with Salon Today   Attendees of Serious Business come to New Orleans every year for inspiration, motivation, and most of all—practical advice. This year’s event in January did not disappoint, with speakers covering everything from in-salon education programs to front desk profitability, to developing a men’s business. But perhaps the hottest topic of all was retail. Bob… Read more »


An App that Strengthens the Bond Between Salon and Guest

In today’s tech-crazed age, it’s become clear that the best technology doesn’t replace a conversation, it ADDS TO the conversation—especially those that need a little nurturing. Think about how texting unites distant teens with their parents, how Facebook re-connects college friends who meant to stay in touch but life happened. We saw the same potential… Read more »