our pricing philosophy

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In the meantime, you might be wondering:

  1. Do you offer subscriptions or can I purchase the salon software outright?
    We offer subscriptions, not outright purchases. (Does anyone sell software anymore?) Technology changes so rapidly, buying almost immediately leaves you with outdated tools (remember the cell phone you bought just three years ago? You can’t pass down your outdated salon software to your kids the same way.) We offer leases so we can continuously update our software and features.
  2. Do I have to pay for updates?
    No. Our updates are always free for our subscribers.
  3. Is there a cost for support?
    Support is free, always, and it’s unlimited. Just call us and we’ll be there. And since so many of our educators have worked in salons themselves, they’re not just there when you call—they’re with you.
For pricing call:
USA: 888.809.2802
Europe: 00.800.111.222.66

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