SalonBiz PowerUp 2019

January 19 • 2:30-5:30 pm
Roosevelt Ballroom
The Roosevelt Hotel, New Orleans

Join us for our annual idea forum, kicking off SeriousBusiness weekend.


The past few years have been all about the salon of the future — what it looks like, how it will operate and how it can compete with online retailers. We know that the guest experience is critical for survival and innovation is key to thrive. At PowerUp, we are making room for the future! Join us as we talk about the future of SalonBiz, what’s new with technology, and how to build leaders and a culture that will last a lifetime. This event is about giving you the tools you need to succeed; this year is your year to be fearless!


Jentry Petzold is a salon owner and a Personal and Professional Development Coach that can talk to you like no one else can. He is considered by many to be an “industry disrupter.” He is a self-proclaimed asshole who will punch you in the face with his message, then leave you with a warm hug and inspired heart.

He set the stage for a unique guest experience at his own salon with a daring sign on the front door: “Sorry We’re Open”, which serves as a warning as much as an invitation to those who walk through the doors of The Black Cat Salons. For over 10 years, Jentry and his Team have created a new standard for the hair industry by providing an environment founded on key cultural principles and being feverishly dedicated to developing a Team Based Culture.

Jentry is going to share his story of losses and gains; passions and frustrations; fears and desires that every salon and business owner experiences. He will also share how “Courageous Vulnerability” has saved his business, saved his sanity and has built a thriving Team that continually grows the salon’s revenue year after year. “As owners and managers, you are responsible to protect and develop your team and then train them to protect the culture.”

Jentry is an unconventional leader with a fearless mentality that will help you breathe life back into your business… whether you’re ready or not.


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